You Didn’t Have What?! Things We Remember That Would Baffle Our Children Today!

Kids today have no idea what a floppy disk is, what a cassette does or what you do in a phone box. Here, some fellow bloggers reminisce about their childhood, and how it would utterly baffle their own children today…

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Why Can’t We Just Be Kind?

One of my guilty pleasures now that I’m not working is sitting down with a cuppa to watch ‘This Morning’ on ITV. I like Phil and Holly; I know Holly-bashing is the in thing, but she seems nice enough to me and I love the banter she and Phil have. I also love that the programme is not afraid to …

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Chalkola Chalk MarkersParenthood

Review – Half Term Fun With Chalkola Chalk Markers! PLUS – Win a Set!

Tried chalkboard pens yet? Read our review of Chalkola Chalk Markers – they’re fun!

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Stop Making Excuses Woman – Giving Myself A Good Talking To!

It’s time to stop making excuses and get off my lazy bum!

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The Place That Never Existed Jim OdyReviews

Book Review – ‘The Place That Never Existed’ by Jim Ody

Fancy reading about a creepy house in a creepy village filled with odd characters? Here’s my review of ‘The Place That Never Existed’ by Jim Ody…

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