For the last few weeks, it’s been all about the children – trying to find out what they’d like for Christmas and, in Big’s case, getting him to commit it to paper. He wrote a list; it wasn’t too bad – one ‘big’ present, some smaller things such as books and Top Trumps cards, and a couple of things that were, frankly, laughable (a mobile phone?! Hello? You’re nine!!) Then, he started adding to it. I knew I should have got him to post it the first time he wrote it!

Now it’s gotten a little out of hand, and we’re seriously considering ruining his rose-tinted view of the Big Man by confessing that Santa does not actually make the presents (yeah, thanks Fred Claus!) but that Mum and Dad have to buy them and send them to Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve. Hence why you won’t be getting an Xbox One and a Thunderbirds Zero X model (approximately £330) and a new scooter and the mobile phone….

Small is a much easier affair – she still doesn’t understand the whole concept properly, but she knows she’d like some Paw Patrol toys, so that’s a nice, easy one for ‘Santa’. The Hubby and I don’t really buy each other gifts (well, he doesn’t buy me anything, I usually end up getting him something like socks, pants or a hat!). So, this got me thinking: if I could write a list to Santa, what sort of things would I ask for? Here is my ‘Mum’s Christmas List’.

Christmas list

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a pretty good girl this year. There have been the odd moments where a swear word may have passed my lips thanks to idiot drivers on the school run, or I have thrown a strop about something not being done, mainly due to lack of sleep or being hangry, but otherwise, I’ve done ok. I’ve not only managed to keep the kids alive (go me!), but I’ve kept them pretty clean and reasonably well fed, with neat hair and ironed clothes. I’ve done homework, despite the tears and tantrums (mine) and I’ve attended parents’ evenings and school events. I managed to do a party for Small, and it wasn’t even her birthday – that’s got to be extra brownie points right there, surely? And I willingly invited several 8 year old boys into my home to play Beanboozled and Pie Face for Big’s birthday.

Ok, so I’ve not done so well on the healthy eating front; I know I need to lose weight and chocolate is not going to help me do it. And the little ‘exercise’ I did get running around after preschoolers all day has vanished now that I have given up work. Now, my fingers are the only thing moving on a regular basis as I type and I have given up checking my step count as it is, quite frankly, embarrassing.

But, overall, I think I deserve a couple of things off my Christmas list this year. So… here it is!  All I want for Christmas is….

A good night’s sleep – just one – or even a bit of a lie-in once in a while (I’ll take anything past 6.30am)

A wee in peace

To get un/dressed without an audience

In fact, to do anything that is generally done in private, in actual private

To go shopping alone – for myself. Even window shopping would be nice, seeing as money is more limited these days

To not feel guilty about spending money on getting my hair done now that I’m not working (see above)

To have the kids to eat something new that I’ve spent ages cooking. Or just anything that’s not pesto pasta, sausages or fish fingers

For Big to put his dirty washing in the proper place and to change his socks daily

To eat a meal without having to keep getting up to get drinks/pudding/ipads/clean cutlery

For The Hubby to put the cutlery in the right sections of the cutlery thing

To finally get my bedroom sorted and decorated. We’ve only lived here for almost 12 years, after all…

So, Santa, if you could see your way to helping me out with one or two of those, I’d be really grateful. I might even put more effort into the being healthy thing for next year.


A Mum


A Mum’s Christmas List
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