Today’s #blogtober16 prompt is ‘Supercool things about the place where you live’.  So, firstly, where I live is pretty far from ‘supercool’ – it’s a suburban semi right on the border between a nice part and a not-so-nice part of a big city.  Naturally, we say we ‘live on the edge of’ the nicer part! Not that I’m a snob (honest!), but if I say the town I technically live in, it gives an impression that’s a million miles away from where I actually live.

What I do love about where I live is its proximity to, well… everything! We live in the centre of the country, so getting anywhere is quite easy, and we live really close to motorway links to the north and south.  We are only a ten minute drive away from the city centre.  Not that I go very often, but it’s there if I need it, a bit like that tatty, but cosy cardigan in the wardrobe that comes out when it’s really cold or I’m needing comforting.

We live right opposite a pretty large park.  It’s not had the best reputation in the past, but it’s nice to walk along the brook with the kids on their bikes or scooters, then up through the park and on to the playground.  Then we come back through the gardens and past the duck pond before making our way back over the road to home.  If ever I’m having one of those days, where the kids are bickering and I can’t stand it any longer, we get out for a walk to the park.


We also have a nature reserve at the bottom of our garden.  We can’t get to it from there, as the bottom half of our garden hasn’t seen human life since about 1963 and is completely overgrown, but it’s only a five-minute walk down the road.  We walk around the pools and feed the ducks, look out for the heron and hide in the dens someone has made in the trees.  It also has fantastic muddy puddles when it rains, so Small is in her absolute element! The kids love being outdoors, so to have such lovely green and natural spaces within a few minutes’ walk is just fab.


But, what I really love about where I live is that we’re near family.  My parents, nan, aunt, uncle and cousins all live a few minutes away.  I don’t see all of them all of the time, but knowing they’re close is a comfort.

What do you love about where you live?




Blogtober16 – Day 20 – Love Where You Live
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