Here are 15 more ideas to give you inspiration for your own Elf on the Shelf this holiday season!

scout elf falling downstairs in a slinky


Christmas tree wrapped in toilet paper
Wanted to decorate the tree…


scout elf riding on toy wooden train
Train ride!


scout elf stuck in washing machine
Help! Let me out!


scout elf sitting in cupboard which has been emptied of contents
Cheeky elf emptied the cupboard!


scout elf drawing minion faces on bananas
My Minion friends!


scout elf making cereal breakfast making mess
Just trying to help!


scout elf sitting in cotton wool igloo
Relaxing in my igloo….


scout elf and upsy daisy trapped in drinking cups
Oh no! Trapped with Upsy Daisy!


scout elf sitting on toilet lid with santa cover
Prettying up the bathroom!


scout elf toasting marshmallows over tea light candle
Toasting marshmallows!


scout elf dressed as a stormtrooper watching a movie with santa
Just chillin’ with Santa, watching a movie…


scout elf and cuddly elephant in photo booth taking selfies
Taking ‘elfies’ with the toys in the photo booth!


scout elf covered bedroom door with toilet paper
This will be a surprise in the morning!


scout elf on the shelf riding on happyland train
Riding through the Happy Land zoo!
Elf on the Shelf – 15 Fun Ideas to Give You Inspiration!

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