Well, that’s it. ‘Elf on the Shelf’ is done. Our scout elves have returned to the North Pole for another year. (Or not, depending on how I feel about it next year..! ) The children have mostly enjoyed having the elves visit again, although Big is getting too Big now and beginning to question if they are really making the mischief, or whether it’s me! And Small is still relatively oblivious and only really cares about the chocolate in her advent calendar!

Here is what they got up to recently…

elf on the shelf gift wrapped lunch
Those cheeky elves wrapped up Big’s lunch. It was a surprise for him when he opened his lunch bag at school!
elf on the shelf painting
Chippy has been practising his art skills by drawing Snowflake!
elf on the shelf grotto
The elves have been visiting Santa in his grotto – just like Big and Small did later on that day.
elf on the shelf
Oh dear! Looks like Snowflake needs to work on her wrapping skills!
It doesn’t look like we’re getting a white Christmas this year, so the elves have brought some fake snow to play with instead.
elf on the shelf story
Snowflake reads the toys the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ story.
Mini sweet jars!
North Pole Tea Party! The elves have brought lots of goodies for a special tea party this evening!
The elves have been busy with the festive toilet paper, making more ‘decorations’ for the living room!
These should keep the children busy for a little while today.
Those sneaky elves have been eating our chocolates! At least they’ve brought Finding Dory on DVD to make up for it…
elf on the shelf Christmas Eve bag box
Chippy is returning to the North Pole, but not before he leaves the children’s Christmas Eve bag. Inside are new PJs, a book, some chocolate treats, new mugs, reindeer food, Santa’s mug and plate for his snacks, and the all-important magic key to leave out so that Santa can get in to deliver the presents!

Goodbye Chippy and Snowflake! Thanks for the fun we’ve had this year. Same time next year?

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Elf on the Shelf – All Over For Another Year! (Boo! or Phew!?)
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