I’m just a couple of days in to my ‘New Year, New Me’, let’s get healthy thing. I am determined to change my eating habits and increase¬†my actually do some exercise. So far, so good. I have spent a fortune on fruit and veg (why is it so expensive to eat healthily? No wonder people don’t bother a lot of the time!) and I have actually eaten quite a bit of it rather than just leaving it to rot in the bottom of the fridge. I haven’t managed any actual exercise yet, because, minus three degrees celsius! However, my new bike should be arriving today and, when it’s not quite as arctic, I’ll get out walking too.

The trouble I have when I am on a a healthy eating plan (not a diet!) is that I can’t stop thinking about food! It’s constantly niggling away at me, at the forefront of my mind. Pick, pick, pick…

“Ooh, you’re a bit hungry, aren’t you? Why don’t you just have a biscuit?”

“Hmmm, peckish? What about a nice, hot, buttery piece of toast?”

“Shhhh! Did you hear that? Was that your stomach rumbling? Again?! How about a mince pie? You know they need eating!”

I find I am always thinking about it – I become obsessive. Constantly thinking about what I’ll have for breakfast. What will be filling, yet healthy enough for lunch. What we can have for tea that everyone will eat so that I don’t have to make several different meals. What will be a handy snack for when I am feeling a bit wobbly and getting close to that ‘sod it!’ moment.

And, whilst, of course, it’s good to be mindful of what we’re eating, and it’s good to plan ahead, it feels so draining to be consumed by it all day long!

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I’ve done weight loss before, and I know that it won’t last, or, at least, won’t be as all-consuming after the first few weeks. I know that once I start seeing results and settle into a routine, with some favourite meals and snacks that I know are ‘safe’ and I can prepare without thinking about it too much, that it will still be at the back of my mind, but less of a focus.

So, for now, I will obsess. I will fill in my food diary via the myfitnesspal app on my phone so that I can keep an eye on my calorie intake, and it links with my activity tracker watch too. I will think about fruit and veg and I will think about not eating chocolate and biscuits as much (I will allow myself a little bit here and there, or else I really will crack!). And I will see results.

And now, I’m off to the fridge for an apple as my stomach is growling!

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Healthy Eating – Why Does It Become So Obsessive?
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