We took a little stroll/scoot over to our local park this afternoon. It’s only a few minutes’ walk away, so really handy when that ‘need to get out of the house before they kill each other – or I kill them’ time of the day hits during weekends and holidays (usually by around 8.47am…).

We’re really lucky to have such a fab green space so close. It has a duck pond, beautiful flower garden, a playground and loads of trees, as well as good paths for cycling/running/pushchairs/wheelchairs.

It’s the school holidays here, and when we got up to the playground, we found Active Parks North Birmingham were holding a free Park Lives¬†family fun session!

There were all sorts of activities to try, including soft archery, tennis, cricket, parachute games and more.

Small had a go at swingball with one of the friendly team members, but found she preferred proper tennis, or ‘tennist’ as she calls it! She also tried the cricket, but enjoyed whacking the wickets with the bat more enjoyable!

I had no idea that this was happening, but apparently, there are regular, free activities during weekends and school holidays, not just in Birmingham, but all over the country. Activities are many and varied, and include tai chi, Nordic Walking, antenatal fitness, kite flying, frisbee golf (yeah, me neither!), women-only boot camps, walking groups… the list is extensive!

You can check out your nearest activities here and see what takes your fancy!

So, what started as a nice walk in the park turned into a lot of fun, and, who knows – maybe we’ll try out some of the other activities on offer in the city soon? Frisbee golf, anyone?

Pype Hayes Park Birmingham

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Visited Your Local Park Lately? Get Out There and Get Active!
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3 thoughts on “Visited Your Local Park Lately? Get Out There and Get Active!

  • 15th April 2017 at 8:48 am

    I love the fact that you have posted about somewhere that is free and when anyone can go! Often we forget the local park can be just as fun! Great post. #Adventurecalling

  • 13th April 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Love this! We are also really lucky to have a fab local park really close by so we’re always hopping over to let the kids work off some steam. I’ve never heard of this Park Lives and it sounds great – especially as it’s free at both weekends and during holidays! Thanks for joining us, I certainly hope you can again.


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