Big came home a couple of weeks ago with an instruction in his homework book to choose an animal and design a habitat for it. Now, Big is rubbish at doing homework. He hates it. I hate it. He cries, I cry… you get the picture. For him, work is for school and not for home and he struggles with the blurred lines. But… this project is a little more appealing as it doesn’t have to involve lots of writing, it does involve the natural world (and he’s chosen an under-the-sea habitat, so it’s extra-interesting!) and he can make something.

Of course, he’s dragged his heels about actually starting it, because it means moving away from the computer for at least five minutes and, you know, Minecraft/DanTDM/Five Nights at Freddy’s/weird YouTube videos of people blowing stuff up in slow motion… However, I think he finally realised time is running out, so this weekend we finally started it!

school project scissors, paper, glue

I say ‘we’ because anything like this is always going to be a joint effort between Big and me. Apart from the fact he needs the kick up the bum, I just can’t help myself! I used to love stuff like this when I was at school. I’d spend hours and hours drawing and writing and making… I remember once we had to create a board game and I based mine on the TV soap ‘Neighbours’ (it was really popular in the 80s, ok?! And, Jason Donovan…) And it was awesome!

I get quite excited when I have to buy tissue paper and pipe cleaners and cellophane and any excuse to break out the Sharpies is a winner in my book! Trouble is, I get a bit carried away. I forget it’s not my project.

“Why don’t you plan it out first? Design what you want where, so I know if I need to get you anything to make it.”…

…”Are you sure you want that there? It might look better over here…?”…

…”Really? You want to do it that colour? But it would look more realistic if you did it this colour.”…

…”Mum? Shall I just leave you to it?”


under the sea shoebox diorama school project
Not quite finished, but have I done a good job?

Please tell me it’s not just me?


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The School Project – Do You Want Some Help With That?
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