Warning! If you’re an arachnophobe, you might not want to look (although it’s only small – and just a photo…)

This week’s Weekly Wednesday Photo is an amazing spiderweb in my garden in the morning sunlight. It’s not so much the spiderweb that I’m interested in, as the fact it was taken on a phone camera. Okay, so it was a Samsung Galaxy S8, but do you know how hard it is to focus on a spiderweb in the sunlight?!

I’m in awe of the pictures this phone takes.  Three UK have kindly loaned me the Samsung Galaxy S8 for a while and I don’t want to give it back! I was impressed with my own S7, but this is in another league!

Here is another photo from my garden taken with the S8, this time of a dog rose. Love how vibrant and crisp the colour is!

I’m kind of regretting not holding out for the S8 before I upgraded now!

See last week’s photo here!


The Weekly Wednesday Photo #6

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