17 Ways to make time for you

17 Ways to Make Time For YOU!

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“You can’t pour from an empty cup”, or so the saying goes. As a busy parent, it’s all too easy to run around making sure everyone else is ok but forgetting yourself in the process. I’ve had a bit of a meltdown this week, and I’ve realised (thanks to lots of people telling me!) that perhaps I need to stop, take a breath and maybe spend some time on taking care of me so that I can, in turn, take care of others to the best of my ability.

I bet you’re a bit like me, aren’t you? Busy busy, working, looking after kids, looking after the house, shopping, taking care of finances, acting as a taxi, finding ways to entertain small people in the school holidays, planning for birthdays, planning for Christmas, trying to budget…

This got me thinking… exactly how do I find time for me? What can I do with the limited time I have that will make me feel happier, more rested, more looked-after? I asked a few fellow bloggers, and we’ve come up with this list of 17 ways to take care of you…


17 Ways to Make Time for You! Try these ideas to fit some 'me time' into your day so you avoid burn-out.

If you have someone to watch the kids…


  • Take a break – go out for the day. Shop and lunch with a friend, go for a spa day, or even just take yourself off for a drive in the country. If you’re really lucky, you could go on a long weekend with your other half or girlfriends…
  • Take a bath – chuck in a bath bomb or lots of bubbles, grab a book or trashy mag and a glass of something nice, then lie back and relax until the water goes cold… then top it up again and relax some more!
  • Cook – shut yourself in the kitchen to make the dinner, but while you’re there, make yourself a hot cuppa, watch YouTube videos or listen to a podcast while you catch up on your social media. Just don’t forget to actually produce something for the family to eat, or you’ll be busted!



While the kids are at school…


  • Drink all the hot tea! Even better, take yourself to a nice cafe so someone else can make it for you.
  • Go for a walk – alone and take in your surroundings, or with a friend and have a good natter.
  • Go to an exercise class, a bike ride or stick on a Davina DVD at home.
  • Watch reality TV or read a trashy mag while eating chocolates and not hiding from the kids.



  • Grab your camera and go on a shoot – to the park, to the city, to the sea…
  • Go for a mani, pedi, massage or hair appointment. Be pampered – you deserve it!
  • Go to Primark and give yourself a budget of £20 – see how many things you can buy that make you smile.
  • Keep a book in the car. Park up 15 minutes early before school pickup and spend the time reading in peace.


When the kids are in bed…


  • Spend some time on a creative hobby – some people crochet or knit, others do papercrafts or make clothes or jewellery. You never know, it might turn into something more…
  • Make a calm, relaxing space just for you. Hygge it up, lock yourself away and just ‘be’ for a while.
  • Read – spend half an hour just quietly reading a good book. Try the ones about Hygge so you can do the point above!



  • Watch a box set on Netflix.
  • Practice meditation or self-reiki.
  • Set your alarm half an hour earlier and get up while the kids are still asleep*. Make a cuppa, catch up on Facebook and enjoy the silence before it’s shattered! (*May not apply to all kids. Parents with kids like mine will be laughing maniacally right now.)




So, there are some fab ideas to get you started. We need to start thinking of ourselves, don’t we? I know, I know, being selfish isn’t really in a mama’s nature, but it’s for the greater good! Are you with me? What are you going to try first? Me? I’m off to put the kettle on…


With huge thanks to the following bloggers for all their brilliant suggestions: One Small Human; Susan K Mann; Candyfloss Dreams; Mummy Cat Notes; The UnNatural Mother; Autism Mumma; Lylia Rose; The Cheshire Wife; Bespoke Buckley; Stressy Mama; Mummy of 5 Miracles; Emma Reed; Ankle Biters Adventures; Mum on a Mission; Mimi Rose and Me; A Mother’s Ramblings; Land of Lawson; Ready, Freddie, Go!; Twinderelmo; Peacocks Can Fly; Virtually Allsorts; Baby Budgeting.


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Lucy At Home

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Lucy At Home

My go-to rests are a bath or a walk. But I love the idea of keeping a book in the car for a bit of relaxation! Great ideas! #blogcrush

Alana - Burnished Chaos

Great tips. I always used to get up an hour before the kids and would meditate, eat breakfast in peace, enjoy a hot cup of tea and read. Unfortunately my youngest has just decided she’d rather get up even earlier than that and my morning routine is shattered 😫. Trying to find ways of slotting these things in at other times instead x


Loving these suggestions #Blogcrush

Eva Katona

Such great ideas! Cooking is definitely very relaxing for me, some people might not agree with this, but it’s a creative time for me. I also take an afternoon off every week when my MIL looks after the children – but lately I’m guilty of spending it with blogging! #thelistlinky


Haha I always hide in the kitchen and listen to podcasts while making tea, it’s my little bit of escapism once the hubby is home and can take care of the kids xx


Popping back from #blogcrush xx


I’ve started reading more, and I’ve noticed I feel much more relaxed, even if it’s just for 10 mins it helps!

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

Its so important to take time for ourselves. I so look forward to reading a few pages of a good book before I go to sleep – just me and my book!


You can’t pour from an empty cup is so true! I definitely need to make more time for myself even though just saying that makes me feel a little guilty. Great little ideas that could help.


Love this and I am going to save this post to do them all. I do the cooking watching YouTube and if my husband is home the door is certainly shut


This is a great post! I love that you’ve found ways to make time for you, with or without the kids around. I usually spend my time without the girls, running around doing or getting things for them. I’m definitely guilty of not finding time for me. x


Love this. I only ever read a trashy mag on holiday so should definitely take some more down time I think.