Fakeaway Not Takeaway! 7 Healthier Fast Food Alternatives

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When you’re trying to lose weight/dieting/eating healthily – whatever you want to call it – one of the most difficult things to avoid can be takeaways. They’re just so easy, aren’t they? Someone else cooks your food and, in some cases, even delivers it to your door! The ultimate lazy person’s meal.  The problem with takeaways is that along with a delivery of yummy food, we also receive a good portion of fat and calories. Is the convenience of not having to cook really worth all that? Not to mention the fact that in many cases, you’re hungry again an hour later!


If you’re trying to watch what you eat, but you are partial to fast food and takeaways, you could try making your own, healthier ‘fakeaway’ versions instead. Yes, you have to put in the effort, but it’s totally worth it to know you’re eating something delicious and much better for you!


Here are seven healthy fakeaway recipes to try without feeling remotely guilty!


If you love takeaway and fast food, but hate the fat and calories, try these 7 healthy fakeaway recipes - full of flavour, but without the guilt!

Chicken Curry


A nice, spicy curry from the Indian takeaway can be really indulgent, but, thanks to ingredients like ghee and cream, it’s likely to be packed full of fat! Instead, try this recipe for healthy chicken curry, which is low in fat but packed full of flavour instead.


Click the image for a printable PDF.



Lighter ‘Southern Style’ Chicken


If you’re quite partial to a KFC, but the thought of eating fried chicken (or even KFC – I’ve seen the videos!) worries you while you’re trying to lose weight, then try this amazing recipe from now-slim chef Tom Kerridge. As part of his new weightloss series and book, this lighter southern style chicken recipe cuts out so much of the calories and fat and tastes absolutely delicious. I made it with ‘Slimming World’ chips and home-made coleslaw instead of the potato salad.





All About a Mummy has a brilliant and simple recipe for mini pizzas, made healthier by using tortillas in place of pizza dough. Swap the toppings for healthier versions, such as reduced-fat cheese and a blob of passata in place of pizza sauce, and they’re positively angelic!



You could also try making a larger version using wholemeal tortillas.


Fish and Chips

This recipe from the Slimming World website is so simple, but it makes really tasty fish and chips, with nowhere near the calories and fat that you’d get at the chippy. And mushy peas are ‘free’ too, so you don’t have to feel guilty about those either!






We love having fajitas as a quick and tasty meal once every couple of weeks or so. The trouble is, they can get a bit fattening with tortillas, not to mention all the guacamole, sour cream and cheese we add! So, when I rejoined Slimming World, I thought about ways I could make a healthier version. We do use packets of fajita seasoning for ease and speed, but the syns in these (if you’re following Slimming World) are so minimal.


Click here for my fabulous fajitas!


Stir Fry


It’s so easy to pop to the Chinese and pick up a takeaway, isn’t it? Or, even better, order one to be delivered! Then you don’t even have to move past your front door! No!! Not anymore! Making your own healthy stir fry is so simple and because it’s packed with lean protein and veg, you won’t feel hungry half an hour later, unlike with its MSG-laden counterpart!



One of the best things about stir fry is that you can chuck pretty much anything in it! I save time by buying bags of pre-prepared stir fry veg, but you could easily make something tasty with just some peppers and spices. Here’s how I usually make mine…


Chicken or fresh salmon – cut into chunks

Bag of stir fry veg, or chop your own veg

Soy Sauce

Fresh ginger


Chinese 5 Spice

1 tbsp runny honey


Mix around 6 tbsp soy sauce with the honey and the 5 spice. Crush a clove of garlic and grate around 1 inch of ginger into it and mix well. Add your meat or fish and let it marinate for at least half an hour, but longer is better.


Heat a little 1 cal spray oil in a good, non-stick wok or deep pan. Stir fry the meat or fish until cooked through. Remove from the pan. Add your veg to the pan and cook until beginning to soften (but you still want plenty of crunch!). Add the meat or fish back to the veg in the pan for another minute before serving. Serve with noodles, or make your own egg fried rice to go with it!


Cheesburger, chips and slaw


healthy fakeaway recipes


This was another recipe I found and adapted slightly when I jumped back on the Slimming World wagon. It’s so filling and much more satisfying than a burger and fries from a fast food joint. You can add any herbs or spices to the mince, so if you like a fiery kick add some chilli, or if you prefer a more Mediterranean flavour, add more Italian herbs. The slaw is made using fat-free yoghurt with a smidge of very low fat mayonnaise, so you can eat plenty without the guilt.


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Let me know if you try any of my 7 healthy fakeaway recipes and which is your favourite!