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I’ve been waiting for some news before updating on how things are going in Tink’s world. But it’s like waiting for hell to freeze over, so I thought I’d update the no news situation! You never, know, it might make something happen…

So, we’re still waiting to hear from the local authority about our chosen school for Tink. Yes, even though we had a meeting about it all way back in mid December, it seems that the lady who was in charge of our case did not a lot about it until mid February. And then promptly buggered off to another job, leaving us without a Principal Officer, or an answer as to what is happening.

I have been badgering them, both before and after her departure, but the most information I’ve had is that a) it’s not looking positive for our choice of school; b) she’s on a waiting list with a certain degree of priority, and; c) we’d be advised to look at alternatives, even outside of our local authority. The formal consultation period ended around a week ago, so I am expecting to hear any day soon, but the waiting is annoying, to say the least!

We really want her to go to this school. It has everything we feel she needs – and more. Of course we want the best for our daughter. But, as the only ASD specific school in a considerable area, it is, of course, heavily oversubscribed. So, we’re investigating alternatives, just in case. I met a mum on a course who has been to look at a school in the next county, so we’ve made an appointment to go see it too. She thought it was great, but obviously her son is different to my daughter and we each have to form our own opinions. I’m not sure how I feel about Tink having to travel a considerable distance each day to get to school, but if it turns out that it’s brilliant and we can send her there, it’s a bridge we’ll cross when we come to it. I feel as though we’re in limbo until we know what’s happening.

And as for Tink right now? She’s fine. Just fine. She’s just treading water, really. She’s still making baby steps progressing with her speech and her independence skills. She’s as stubborn as ever and I think getting her to do anything that isn’t of her own choosing is getting harder. She’s also perseverating over things every day. This is usually something to do with one of her favourite TV shows (see this post from a few weeks ago to get an idea!) and it drives us mad, but we don’t quite know how to tackle it yet! Otherwise, she’s as happy and funny as ever! I’m glad she doesn’t know anything about what’s going on behind the scenes.

So, that’s pretty much it for now! Nothing much to report, but I know a lot of people are wondering and I get asked all the time (which is lovely – it’s nice to know people are thinking of us). As soon as I have real news, I’ll let you know!


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