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It occurred to me that I haven’t posted a proper blog post for a little while, although I’m a lot more active on ‘It’s a Tink Thing’ on Facebook. So, here is a little update in the life of Tink…

Tink is 4 this month. 4!! I can’t quite believe this time 4 years ago I was feeling really rather huge, in a lot of pain with my pelvis and was totally fed up. She was due in the middle of March, but kept us waiting for a week longer than we’d hoped. Birthdays and Christmas can be quite tricky nowadays: as well as family gatherings being a little overwhelming, presents are hard to buy, as she doesn’t really play like other children of her age and spends a lot of time on her tablet.  However, this year we’re all clubbing together to buy something big for the garden, as Tink really loves being outside and this, I hope, she will really love.

She’s making progress in terms of her development and abilities.  Her speech and language is improving and she’s more able to communicate with us now, which is just fantastic. There’s still a heck of a long way to go, but it’s coming, and it’s brilliant. Her awareness of her own actions is growing, and she’ll often apologise with the cutest “sorry Mommy” when she’s done something she feels is wrong. Doesn’t seem to stop her dumping sand on other children’s’ heads at nursery though, apparently. Oh dear. We’ll work on it… We did have a breakthrough last week though; it was World Book Day, and Tink’s school take part by dressing up as book characters. Tink and dressing up don’t really go hand-in-hand (we had trouble trying to get her to wear her angel costume for the Nativity play at Christmas – the wings were the issue), so I wasn’t too hopeful about her wearing an old Tinkerbell outfit, but I gave it a go anyway. At first she tried to pull it off, until I suggested she look in the mirror.  “Wings! I can fly! Look!” she exclaimed with much glee! Then proceeded to run around the room and jump on and off the sofas shouting “wheeeeee!”. Not only did she keep the costume on all day, she asked to wear it at the weekend too. I thought I might get her a new one for her birthday, but no doubt her enthusiasm will be short-lived and she’ll refuse to wear it!

Sleep is worse in one way and better in another. It’s my fault really, and I’ve got to tackle it head on once the Easter holidays come round. At the moment, she insists on going to sleep “in Mommy’s bed” and I don’t have the energy or the tactics to argue.  She used to wake in the night and usually came in with me anyway and the night waking is quite rare at the moment, so that’s one good thing, I suppose! It does mean Daddy is relegated to a camp bed in Tink’s room, which is far from ideal, so we need to put some work in to get her back into sleeping in her own bed again.

Tink’s EHCP request was sent off and we’ve now heard back to say that the panel have decided she will have a needs assessment, which we have everything crossed will lead to her getting a plan. There’s still a way to go with that, but getting the assessment is the first hurdle and we’re over it.  Just playing the waiting game now…

I’ve started my new jobs and am settling in now, after almost two weeks.  It’s hard to get used to new faces, new routines, new ways of doing things, but I’m getting there.  The ladies I work with have all been very welcoming and lovely, which has made it a lot easier! I’m not so fond of the dinner lady job I’m doing afterwards – I’m based in the Key Stage 2 playground (so ages 7-11) and bigger ones are much more challenging than little ones! (“Miss! He said this! Miss, she’s doing that! Mi-iiissssss! – you get the idea! I keep looking around for the responsible adult and then remember that that’s me!) I am, however, very much enjoying doing very little in the way of ‘work’ once I finish at lunchtime, and I’m not missing my former responsibility at all!

So, that’s a little update on us. We’re ticking over nicely at the moment, and life is pretty good!

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Unhinged Mummy (aka Janine Woods)

Sounds like your at the same stage as us with regards to EHCP. Harry was approved for assessment, all the reports have been put forward and we are now just waiting to see if it will get the go ahead. I’m hoping we find out soon. Fingers crossed for Tink and Harry.

Tink's Mum

Isn’t the waiting horrible?! We have an assessment of some sort tomorrow, but no idea what to expect. In theory, we should hear about the draft, if there is to be one, by the end of this month… Good luck to you and Harry!