A Week in Devon

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We’ve just come back from spending the week in South Devon with my parents and my nan, in a holiday house on the coast. I love Devon. We’ve toyed with the idea of moving there in the past, but it’s just a bit too far away from family for my liking!

Tink absolutely loved her holiday. What’s not to love? There was sand, sea and rain! Three of her favourite things! She was on the beach and up to her eyes in sand before lunchtime!  Trouble is, she eats it by the handful.  Ugh! How does she do that?! The crunch as she chews it sets my teeth on edge!  Still, she had a great time knocking down and jumping on sand castles – made for her or by her, not other kids, I hasten to add!

As for the sea… we could barely keep her out! She had no fear of the waves crashing in towards her, and some days they were pretty big!  She can’t swim, so she was ok as long as someone was holding her hand, and that someone was usually Grandad.  Grandad became her go-to guy when it came to splashing. She would come up to him, take him by the hand and say, “puuuush!” (when she means pull!) and then, “come on Grandad, water!”  They must have spent hours in the sea together.


I was quite worried about the holiday. Worried about how Tink would be in a strange place, spending the whole week with several other people, albeit her beloved grandparents. Sleeping in a strange bed (sharing a room with her brother), eating different foods at different times and not having all of her home comforts around her.  As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. She coped brilliantly.  She slept well most nights and even when she woke on the first night, she just wandered around the strange house in the dark until she happened to find me in my room!  She loved the house – it was so spacious she had lots of room to run around – in a circle from the living room, into the hall, through the kitchen and into the dining room, then back into the living room.  There was a lovely big garden for her to run in too.  Have I mentioned Tink runs. A lot. All the time?


She managed to amuse herself – mostly on her tablet, but not always, and she managed to amuse us – a lot! She sang all of the time and did some ‘interesting’ dances for us too! She was as good as gold, which was a relief! Even though it’s family, I still worry about how she will be and what they will think, spending 24/7 with her.

I won’t bore you with all the photos, but here are a few!

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