An Ordeal!

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Tink had a fairly traumatic eye appointment today.

She has a convergent squint in her left eye, so has had fairly regular appointments for the last year or so. These are usually quite relaxed, with a lovely lady who is always impressed at how Tink tells her the letters she can see (rather than her using pictures and symbols, which actually probably wouldn’t make much sense to Tink!)

Today, however, was supposed to be a more thorough test, so Tink had to have drops in her eyes to dilate the pupils, which gives more accurate results.

This, of course, threw her completely. She just couldn’t understand why her tablet was so blurry, which just pissed her off even more! Then I think she got fed up of just trying to see, so she fell asleep before her appointment, and, therefore, was really grumpy when I woke her up to get her out of the car!

And then, just after a lady told her to move out of the sunlight in the waiting room as it would hurt her eyes, some strange man tried to shine a light right into her eyes, as well as trying to stop her eating the bribery chocolate mummy was feeding her to get her to comply! I mean, come on!!

So, she screwed up her eyes and refused to look at his silly light, or his dumb teddy bear. And protested vocally for good measure. And I don’t blame her. Next time I will find out if it mentions in her notes that she’s autistic, as the chap (consultant? Registrar? Who knows?!) that we saw today certainly didn’t seem to have an awareness, and I could see his patience wearing thin.

I just wish there was a better way of preparing her for and dealing with these things. She doesn’t understand things that haven’t yet happened and I don’t think she’d understand a social story about it yet – if one even exists for this particular thing. It’s so hard to prepare her for events like this, and then it pretty much makes the appointment… pointless.


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cool would be even better 🙂


but at least she looks cook in those sunglasses 🙂