And so it begins…

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I work from home on a Thursday, so I get to take the munchkins to school. Yesterday, there was a note in Tink’s home communication book saying that she had been upset at ‘Family Time’, and could whoever drops her off remain with her until all the children are in. ‘Family Time’ happens right at the start of the session, and the children have to sit in their small groups with the teacher. It’s more than likely this new routine is what upset Tink. At preschool, she was used to running in and getting straight down to the very important business of playing. None of this boring sitting down malarkey! No matter though – a few days and she’ll be used to how things are done at nursery.

So today I took her in and we stayed to one side for a few minutes while the other children came in and settled down in their spots on the floor. Tink was a little confused; this isn’t what’s happened before, but she dealt with it. Before too long we hung up her coat and new bag (Tink, natch!) and she went to sit down with her group and only a slight murmur of protest. Off I went, happy that she seemed happy.

Fast-forward to home time. I get to the door and she’s sat at the table, in tears. Oh. “Is she ok?”, I ask. Her teaching assistant said something about it being hectic and her not liking tidy up time.  She’ll get used to it, we both agreed.

I get home and check her communication book and there’s a note saying that whilst Family Time went much better today, ‘she struggled with story time’. This, although disappointing, is not a surprise to me. Tink just doesn’t do sitting still. I’ve told them as much. She’s not really fussed about a story. She’d already had to do long sitting first thing, which, by the sound of it, she did really well, so I’m proud of her for that. I don’t blame her for not wanting to sit for a story.

They’ve asked that we bring in a small toy for her to hold ‘when she gets stressed’. We’ll, we’ll try it, but to be honest, if she’s feeling stressed, she’s more likely to throw it than get comfort from it! I’d rather they took the view that asking her to sit for long periods at the moment just isn’t going to happen yet, and if she’s being disruptive, to remove her from the group while they have the story. At least for now, while it’s all still new. I know she’s going to have to get used to doing things she’s not too keen on and I know she’ll have to get used to the rules and routines, but it’s just a bit too much to ask of her this early on. Especially if it’s stressing her. She doesn’t often get stressed really. 

I feel really upset that she’s already being disruptive (by the sound of it) just by being her. I know it’s going to take some time for everyone to get to know her, but that’s one reason I sent in the information sheet. How do you deal with it? How long does it take to grow skin thick enough that things like this don’t even make a dent? I’m sitting here in tears, fearful for what the future holds if we are to persevere with a mainstream education. I realise I’m being pathetic, but I’m exhausted, anxious and not strong enough to deal with all these emotions at the moment.


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It took mine a long time settle in at nursery. And he hated story time. Would not sit still. Got upset and upset everyone. In the end not only did he get used to what was happening but the staff got used to him and his needs. We did start off at a big nursery which was a complete failure, but once we moved him to a smaller one. He did settle in the end. Don’t give up hope but keep talking to the staff. It’s such a fine line in telling them how to do their job but actually… Read more »
Unhinged Mummy (aka Janine Woods)

You’re not being pathetic. The school are being unrealistic ♡


Sorry to hear about your little girl. Is she in a mainstream or special school? x