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Wow, we came back to earth with a bang this morning! We’ve had a nice, quiet Christmas break with not too much going on other than the big day itself, which I think Tink found a little overwhelming this year.

We went to a Christmas party, where she danced with her shoes off, played musical bumps, and ran around with her flower balloon from the magician. We even coaxed her into visiting Father Christmas (again!) and she was fairly okay with that, if not overly keen!


Christmas day itself brought sensory things, with her favourite presents being a light-up car track and a bubble tube from Grandma and Grandad.

The rest of the holidays were spent dodging rain showers on trips to the park and playground and our local nature reserve, handily at the bottom of our garden and which has the most fabulously muddy puddles!


Tink’s been a bit of a monkey about going to bed over the last couple of weeks. I think the lack of structure to her days has played havoc with her and it will take a few days to get back into routine.

This morning wasn’t fun. She’d had a late night again and then woke up at five, but feel back to sleep after a while, meaning I had to wake her so we wouldn’t be late. I had already prepared the milk she always shouts for every morning, so, naturally, she didn’t want it today. She didn’t want her breakfast and I think dressing her in her uniform threw her too. So, when I took away her dummy, that was the last straw, and a full-on meltdown ensued. I’m sure the neighbours just loved all the screaming at 7am!

However, once she was at Grandma and Grandad’s she fell into her usual routine and she seems to have had a good day.

Hopefully she’ll get back into it all quickly!

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