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Today is the day – our first proper meeting with some of the professionals involved in Tink’s care and education. We have a ‘Team Around the Child’ (TAC) meeting at school to discuss Tink’s EHCP.

I feel quite daunted at the prospect of sitting around a table with all these people discussing our daughter; what she can and can’t do and how to try to manage this.

I have somehow found time over the Christmas break to sit down and write up the documentation we were asked to complete, so that’s a plus! It was really hard to think about all the things that we probably now view as normal, or take for granted  and talk about them in terms of difficulties and problems for Tink or for us as a family.

I’ve managed to come up with some thoughts on what people like about Tink, and things she does well, and I’ve produced a list of things that we would like for her future, both short and long term.  I have no idea if I’ve done it right, or if the things I’ve put are realistic, but we’ll see.

People keep telling me that it’ll be fine and at least I know what I’m talking about, but it really doesn’t feel like that! I feel utterly clueless about this whole process, and like a complete novice about my own child’s condition, especially when seated in a room full of ‘professionals’. If I was at work, I would be one of those professionals, but when it’s your own child, it’s a whole new ball game.

Wish us luck!

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Good luck! It sounds like you’ve done an amazing job creating your lists!

Unhinged Mummy (aka Janine Woods)

I completely know how you feel. We are at the very early stages with Harrys ehcp having just submitted the ‘Our Story’. I too somehow managed to complete it during the Christmas break after receiving it on Christmas eve. It’s all so daunting.