Blue Monday How to avoid January Blues

Blue Monday – How Not to Fall for The January Blues

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The third Monday of January has become known as being ‘Blue Monday‘; a combination of it being Monday, cold and dark combined with the post-Christmas comedown and the arrival of credit card bills (but not your pay cheque!) means that it’s gained a reputation as the most miserable day of the year.


Of course, this is a fairly light-hearted look at things, originally dreamed up by advertising peeps working for holiday companies, but for many people, January, and winter, in general, can be a pretty miserable time of year. If you’re feeling down at this time of year, you could chat to a professional to see if there’s anything more to it than just ‘January blues’. However, if you think that it is just that, here are some ways to help you avoid them!


  • Arrange a girly day with friends
  • Eat well
  • Declutter your bedroom for a better night’s sleep
  • Put names of places in a jar, pick one out and go there!
  • Go for a walk or run with your favourite music on your headphones



  • Be pampered; get your hair or nails done, or have a facial or massage
  • Set yourself a physical challenge such as Couch25K
  • Go to a comedy show or watch a funny film – laughter is great medicine
  • Take your parents or grandparents for afternoon tea



  • Wear bright colours
  • Get a SAD lamp (affiliate link)
  • Start a new class or learn a new skill – dance, craft or a language (and make new friends)
  • Get up and sing and dance first thing in the morning


January can be a tricky month to get through for all sorts of reasons, but if we put in a bit of effort, we can feel on top of things and it won’t get us down!


What do you do to get yourself out of a blue mood? Let me know in the comments!




It’s my turn to host The Monday Motivation Linky this week! My co-hosts and I love reading the brilliant, inspirational posts linked up each week. Please add your links below and we’d love it if you would share too, so we can find more inspiration!


Last week’s linky had plenty of fab posts, and there was a strong theme of goal-setting and self-care running through them. It was really difficult to choose just two, but my favourite posts were this one from Aufinity and Beyond about ‘The Wind and The Sun’, and this one from Rainbows Are Too Beautiful about starting a ‘passion project’, which is something I’d like to look at doing this year.


If you’d like to add a positive, motivational or inspirational post to the linky this week, all you need to know is below! Please consider adding the linky badge to your post so that the word spreads! We look forward to reading!


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Lucy At Home

In my early teens, I struggled a lot with Seasonal Affective Disorder and I found the SAD lamps made a huge difference. I still get it out on odd occasions when I feel like I’ve been stuck inside for too long #blogcrush

RainbowsR2Beautiful (@rainbowsaretoo)

We have a lumi light and it makes it much easier to get up in the morning!


As I am skint at the moment I find decluttering and selling Ebay items that I don’t need cheer me up, lol X #themmlinky

Kate on thin ice (@kateonthinice)

Lovely tips as always. I really like the one about going places based on picking a location out of a jar. I surprised myself and went for 2 runs so far this week – first time for everything and good to ring the changes sometimes.


Nice Linky idea. Hope my posts from a Dad’s perspective side cuts the mustard. Thank you