Cadbury Adopt a cow milk chocolate buttons

My Little Pi-cow-so! An Art Class With Buttons, the Cadbury Cow!

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Ask your kids if they know how big a cow is (starts singing ‘The Size of a Cow‘ by The Wonderstuff…). Go on, ask them, I’ll wait… Did they get it right, more or less? Or were they way out? According to research, one in ten city children thinks that cows are the size of double decker buses, and even more think they’re as small as a cat! Many children living in cities have simply never seen a cow in real life and can’t imagine its size. To rectify this misconception and provide children with valuable cow knowledge, Cadbury is giving city children the chance to get up close and personal with Buttons, the animatronic cow, created for Cadbury’s ‘Adopt a Cow’ campaign.

Meet Buttons!

Controlled through a mixture of robotics and two highly skilled puppeteers inside a realistic construction of the body of a cow, Buttons took a team of 20 prop specialists over 500 hours to create. Ensuring that it was as authentic as possible, the highly skilled performers studied the movements (moo-vements?) of real cows for over 300 hours to capture the true likeness for this one-of-a-kind build.

Cadbury adopt a cow milk chocolate buttons

The Cadbury Adopt a Cow campaign is an exciting new initiative from Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons, which gives families the opportunity to adopt a cow via an on-pack promotion and 20 lucky families the chance to win an overnight trip to meet their cow at its farm. Special promotion packs can be found in stores now with the competition closing on 31st August 2017. For more information about the Adopt a Cow campaign, have a look here.

To celebrate the launch of the campaign, we were invited to The Barbican Centre in London to take part in an art masterclass with illustrator Rose Blake, where we were to draw Buttons herself! With the help of some instructions and some tips from Rose, Big and I had a go at drawing our own cows.

My effort… ahem!

Buttons is the friendliest cow I’ve ever met… and the nicest smelling!

We had an ace time and Big loved his art lesson (as well as the Cadbury Milk Chocolate Buttons he got to take home!). He wants to adopt a cow now…

“The hills are aliiiive, with the sound of moo-sic!”

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Would your kids like to adopt a cow?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cadbury. However, all thoughts and opinions are mine (and Big’s!).