7 easy Christmas cards to make with kids!

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In a previous life (BK – Before Kids), I used to make cards and wedding stationery for a living. Unfortunately, I had to give up my beloved craft room to make way for Big’s nursery, and I sold or gave away all my stash. Sad times. Even if I had the space/could afford to do it now, I would never find the time. However, one thing I do find the time for once a year is making Christmas cards with the kids.

It’s much nicer to receive a handmade card which has some personality to it, don’t you think? Granted, the cards we make aren’t of the same high quality I ensured when I had my business, but they are made with love!

Here are seven easy ideas for Christmas cards to make with kids this year! (This post contains affiliate links*.)


Here are seven super-simple ideas for Christmas cards to make with kids this Christmas


You will need:




Paper Trees



These gorgeous paper trees are so easy to do, but make a really different, pretty Christmas card. You can use scrapbooking paper, but, really, these can be made using scraps of any paper you might have at home.

Large tree – Cut the paper into thin strips – older children could do this for themselves. Then, simply use a double-sided glue roller on the back of the strips and stick them down in a rough ‘tree’ shape! Use a smaller piece for the trunk. Finally, add some wooden stars using PVA glue to stick them on.



Smaller trees – Again cut strips from paper. Cut the ends at angles so that, when stacked, they increase in size as you move down the tree. Now use the glue roller to stick them on to the card – you can stick them straight, or at a jaunty angle (I’ve always wanted to write that!) like I did. Use small pieces of paper for the trunks. Add wooden stars to the top of each tree.



Triangle Trees – This card couldn’t be simpler. Cut three triangles from different paper. Stick on the card with the glue roller, adding small pieces for the trunks. Add a wooden star to the top of each tree.



I haven’t added a greeting to the fronts of my cards, but you could write ‘Merry Christmas’ or similar using a metallic pen, or add a foil peel-off sticker.


Printed Cards

These cards are fun for younger children to make – and messier, so be prepared with a bowl of soapy water and a towel to hand!



Rudolph – Paint your child’s foot with brown paint. Carefully place it down on the card. Allow to dry (wash the foot!).



Once dry, add wiggly eyes using the PVA glue, and a red pompom for Rudolph’s nose. Draw antlers on the top (toes) using a metallic pen. Write your greeting or use a peel-off sticker.



Father Christmas – Mix a drop of red paint with some white to make pink. Paint the thumb and top of your child’s hand with red paint. Paint the middle with the pink, and the bottom and fingers with white.



Carefully press onto the card. Leave to dry. Once dry, add wiggly eyes, and some white pompoms for a moustache – don’t forget to add one to his hat! Draw a little nose and mouth. Paint a stripe of PVA glue on the hat and add a little glitter to jazz him up!



Christmas tree – Paint a hand with green paint. Carefully print on to the card, fingers-down. Leave to dry. Once dry, your child can add sequins and maybe glitter to decorate. Let them go a bit wild with this one! Add a greeting.



Mr Snowman – This cute little character is made with potatoes! Cut a small potato in half (try to find a nice, round one!). Dip in white paint and print a body and a head on top. Use a sponge to dab white paint underneath the snowman’s body. Leave to dry. Meanwhile, cut a hat from black card, a scarf from coloured card and a carrot nose from orange card. Once the paint has dried, add the accessories and some wiggly eyes. Dot some buttons on his tummy using a black marker pen. Draw stick arms with a metallic marker and then dot some snowflakes using a finger dipped in white paint. Add a sprinkle of glitter to these. Isn’t he cute?!



We love giving these cards to our family – they’re so much more personal than a shop-bought card. I think this year, we might also give away some of our gingerbread tree decorations too!



These fun Christmas card ideas are easy to make with the kids and they're super-simple too!



*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. For more information on this, please see my disclosure page



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Oh I love these! We’ve made some similar ones in the past using our son’s feet but haven’t gotten around to it yet this year. He finishes school today, so this might fill the void tomorrow. I do love the Christmas tree cards but don’t have pretty paper to make them, so maybe we can do these next year. They’d save me worrying about sourcing Christmas cards here in Portugal! #bloggerpinparty

Claire @ The Ladybirds' adventures

These are all gorgeous. I’ve done the foot/hand print ones before with my kids. Thanks for sharing with #bloggerpinparty.


Love these ideas! My favourite is the Christmas tree! #bloggerpinparty

Alana - Burnished Chaos

There are great. My son did the Rudolph one when he was in reception, it was so cute. I love the Christmas tree ones, so simple. I have some washi tape that would be perfect for the first two.

Crummy Mummy

Great ideas! We do the art-for-schools ones where BB draws a picture and they reprint it with the proceeds going to the school – super easy! #thelistlinky

Sarah | Digital Motherhood

These are really good, I love the hand and footprint ones. The grandparents would love these! #Bloggerpinparty

Madeline (This Glorious Life)

Love all these ideas! They all look really great, but still pretty simple to make, perfect for my three year old to get involved with! x #TheListLinky


These are delightful. I’m sorry to read you felt you had to give up on your craft business. #bloggerpinparty