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Yesterday, hubby and I visited The Autism Show, handily on in our home city. We managed to collect all manner of leaflets on autism, ABA, different private therapy providers, sensory resources and more. They shall be added to the bumf in ‘The A Box’ to be read through when time allows! Hubby now wants to buy Tink an interactive floor thingy, so she can jump and ‘splash’ in puddles to her heart’s content but without getting wet! Yeah, might just need a small lottery win first, love! We also picked up a booklet from Autism West Midlands for H. It’s a workbook to help him understand more about the condition his sister has and his own feelings around this.

The show wasn’t huge, but there were some useful resources and talks, although we didn’t stay too long. I think it will be useful to visit again next year when we will be further into Tink’s journey and may have more specific questions to ask and answers to find.

Everyone we spoke to was lovely, especially the chap from the National Autistic Society who told us he wasn’t diagnosed until he was 41, and at the same time as his 70-something father! Imagine that?!

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