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Ten-year-olds driving cars? What madness is this?! Actually, not madness at all, but a fantastic way to teach children from a young age all about how to drive safely, so that, when it’s finally time for them to take their test, not only will they ace it, but they’ll be brilliant, confident drivers too!  Here’s our review of Young Driver, the company that gives driving lessons for kids aged from 10 to 17!



Young Driver: Driving Lessons For Kids


Young Driver offers children aged between 10 and 17 the chance to get behind the wheel of a car – legally – and learn the basics of driving, car control and road safety. The lessons take place in a safe environment, on specially-constructed driving courses on private land (which is why they don’t need to be 17!) and give children experience of manoeuvres, braking, gear changes, clutch control, waiting at junctions and more. Lessons can be either 30 or 60 minutes and all of the lesson is spent in the car.



Children with disabilities are also catered for, which is encouraging. Often, people with disabilities are unable to drive, or have to wait longer to obtain their licence, so this experience gives them the chance to try out driving a car in a safe, controlled environment.


Children are met by a highly experienced instructor and taken to their car. Cars are new, and fitted with dual controls. The instructor will tailor the lesson to your child’s age and ability, but, generally, the first lesson will include starting and stopping the car, moving off, braking, and steering. More skills are added as the child progresses through the six levels available.



Children are given a ‘Drive Diary’ progress log, with a lesson diary in which the instructor will make notes about the lesson, and areas to be worked on next time.


For an extra cost, lessons can be videoed too! Here is an edited version of H’s lesson…



So, what did H think?


I think it’s safe to say that H loved his driving lesson! As soon as he got back he was asking to book again! From what we spectators could see, he looked to be doing really well, considering he’s only ten and can just about see over the steering wheel! (There is a minimum height for lessons – please check first). Interestingly, the in-car video gives more insight, and we could see his reactions, for example, when he braked a little too sharply!



H said the instructor talked him through how to move off safely by finding the ‘biting point’ with the clutch and I could tell from the video that H was reasonably relaxed, given how excited he was! The car appeared to be well controlled at all times, and I had no worries about bumps and accidents thanks to the dual controls. The course was large enough that, even though there were several cars all out at once, there was still plenty of room.



We were really impressed with H’s first driving lesson with Young Driver. He had a lot of fun, but was also learning something very useful! If lessons continued, he could probably pass his driving test soon after turning 17 (although we’d wait a few more years to start more regular lessons, perhaps at the age of 15). I would imagine it could get quite expensive, however, with a half hour lesson costing approximately twice as much as a standard hour-long driving lesson for over-17s.


We liked that progress is recorded in the Drive Diary and having the video recording was a great memento of the day!  Young Driver also offer packages to groups such as schools and colleges, and you can even have a birthday party! You can also buys vouchers as gifts.



Young Driver lessons are priced at £36.45 for a 30-minute lesson, or £67.95 for 60 minutes. To take home a video recording of your lesson, add on another £14.99. There are over 60 venues around the UK, so there should be one by you!


Young Driver driving lessons for kids make a really fun gift for your tweens and teens and a few of my friends are already booking up for their kids’ birthdays!



Disclosure: We were offered the chance to review a driving lesson with video recording, which H jumped at! We did not pay for these, in return for a fair and honest review.




Kelly is a mother of two – her son H and daughter Tink. H is home educated, Tink is autistic. Kelly is a self-employed Virtual Assistant… Life is busy!

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