Easy Edible Paint Recipe – how to make paint that’s totally safe to eat!

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Small is on the autistic spectrum and, as such, has several different sensory needs. One of these is the need to put things in her mouth, particularly if they’re non-edible! (I’d love it if she’d put fruit and veg in her mouth, but, sadly, she’s not daft!) One major complication of this is that she’s at risk of ingesting something toxic, and we have to be on our guard all the time. I recently got the paints out for her, but she just wanted to keep eating it. When I posted this on my Facebook page, wondering why she’ll happily eat paint but won’t try yoghurt, a few people suggested using yoghurt to paint with…  So we did! It was super-easy, so here’s my edible paint recipe, which also happens to taste yummy!

Make your own edible paint recipe

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Edible Paint – what you’ll need:

Small pots of fromage frais – just the cheap, supermarket own brand is ideal

Food colours – I used professional gel colours, which give really vibrant colours

Spoons or wooden skewers to mix with

Paintbrushes, or just your fingers, to paint with

Paper, or something else suitable to paint on (you could try tin foil, plastic or paper plates)

Edible Paint – how to make:

Open the pots of fromage frais. You can separate the pots, or leave them all attached as I did (as I knew they’d end up all over the place if I didn’t!) – leaving them attached makes them more stable.

Take a small amount of gel colour on the tip of a spoon – just a tiny bit gives a good colour, but you can always add more if you need. Take care, as the gel colours can stain the skin for a while (but seem to be fine once mixed in, don’t worry!)

Mix it into the yoghurt. You’ll need to stir for a while to make sure all of the colour is mixed in properly.

And… ta-daaaa! Told you it was easy! Now grab your brushes and get creating!

Small, as predicted, tasted the paint, and had a real surprise that it tasted fruity! She actually didn’t prefer it to the normal paint, but that doesn’t surprise me either!

The colours were really lovely and vibrant on the paper. I did notice that the paper did become pretty soggy, but that was to be expected with the amount of paint Small was using. Just take care to put a waterproof cloth underneath your paper.

When it came to clean up time (and I was dreading that – Small likes to splatter!), it was surprisingly easy. I was worried that colour might stain her skin – and it was all over her face, arms and hands, but it wiped off no problem with a damp microfibre cloth – phew!

The other bonus I discovered was that it washes completely out of clothes, unlike many normal paints. Again, I was worried the colour would stain her yellow top, especially as she painted her sleeves, but I popped it straight in the wash and it’s spotless.

So, edible paint that is cheap, easy, tasty and clean? What’s not to love! Let me know in the comments if you try it!

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Lucy | Real Mum Reviews

I am so making these with Erin! What a fab idea! #humpdaylinky

Heather Keet

Looks like an awesome idea to pass along to my mom friends! #HumpDayLinky


What an awesome idea. Totally doing this!


Love this! It’s similar to what we have done at our Creation Station class. Thanks for sharing x