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School for Big has been somewhat up and down over the last couple of years. There are subjects that he loves (science, history) and subjects that he tries really hard at, but just doesn’t feel (maths, mainly). We’ve tried all sorts of ways to help him at home: books, websites, apps on the iPad… So far, nothing much has worked. He either isn’t interested in the first place, or it doesn’t hold his interest for long. But! Now I’ve found a site of fun, educational quizzes for children called, obviously, Education Quizzes, and I have high hopes!


Education Quizzes - fun educational quizzes for children to consolidate their school learning!


We’ve considered getting Big a tutor on more than one occasion, but the cost and commitment have put us off, despite knowing he probably needs the professional help. Instead, I have been trying my best to get him more interested in learning and helping him when he’s stuck, but any attempts usually end up with one or both of us in tears.

Education Quizzes is an absolute mine of, well, quizzes! But these aren’t just any old trivia quizzes. These are carefully-designed multiple choice tests, written by teachers to help consolidate the learning taking place in school.




Whether you are looking for a way to help your 5 year-old to practice their alphabet, or your 10 year-old to remember their Roman history, there will be a quiz on the subject. There are almost 4000 quizzes available to help children in Key Stages 1, 2, and 3, or those doing the Eleven Plus or even their GCSEs.




Subjects are comprehensive, and as well as the expected Maths, English and Science, also include History, Geography, ICT, RE, Music and even PE – and more! There is a section for those learning English as a Second Language (ESL) and you can even test your Spanish knowledge.


The quizzes are available to anyone who pays a monthly subscription of £9.95. It’s easy to set up and can be easily cancelled at any time. However, if you find the monthly subscription a cost you’re not able to maintain, perhaps you could encourage your school to look into buying a subscription for their students, at greatly-reduced costs. This would mean all students would benefit and it would be a great way for the school to engage parents in their children’s learning.


Here is my (not so) secret crush, the lovely Chris Packham, explaining more about Education Quizzes



Big is in Year 5, so we had a look through the quizzes for key stage 2 to see what we could find. We were amazed to find that there were multiple choice quizzes on every subject he has at school, and covering all the relevant topics for that key stage. Big has been learning about the moon, earth, and sun in Science over the last couple of weeks, so we found a quiz to test his understanding and he scored a pretty decent 8 out of 10!





A little while after taking the first quiz, Big asked if he could do some more! What is this magic?! My child, asking to learn! I think the multiple choice style of the quizzes made it much more fun for him, and seeing instantly whether he’d got the answer right was helpful.

When I asked him what he thought, he said, “it’s a fun way to learn. I liked it!” So, there we go. Can’t say fairer than that, can we?




Education Quizzes costs £9.95 per month, but that gives you unlimited educational quizzes for children across all key stages, and also the more specialist quizzes for the Eleven Plus and GCSEs, There’s no limit on the number of children so if you have more than one, it really becomes very cost-effective, and even at a tenner a month it’s a lot cheaper than a tutor – and probably a lot more fun!



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