The (Final) Weekly Wednesday Photo #20 with Families – ‘#Every Moment Counts’

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Families UK recently set me a challenge for their #EveryMomentCounts campaign: take a snap every day for a week, with a different theme for each day to document how ‘every moment counts’ in our family.

It’s been a fun challenge to try, and it’s made me think quite a bit about how every family moment really does count in our busy lives, when it’s so easy to let those moments pass us by.

Here are my pics from the week, and a little bit about each moment…

Day 1 – Together



Just a picture of Big and I on the school run. We often do a ‘school run selfie’ together while we’re parked and waiting until it’s time to go into school. But this was the first we’d done without Small. She has started at a school several miles away, and travels there on a minibus, so she’s not a part of our school run anymore. I’m smiling, but inside I was feeling a little sad.


Day 2 – Tradition



Today Big was off school sick, so I made sure he was bored by banning screens! But, it gave us the opportunity to try out his Meccano set! Despite owning lots of toys, including board games and Lego, it’s not often Big actually plays with things like this anymore. This is his first Meccano set and it brings back memories of my own childhood, when I used to play Meccano with the boy next door, although, it’s a lot smaller and fiddlier now! Toys with tradition – are they a dying art?


Day 3 – Laughter



The Hubby and I have been having a bit of a tricky time lately, and worked out that the reason for most of our problems is the lack of time we spend together. So, today, we went on a date to the cinema to see the new Kingsman film. We’re both big fans of the first one, and this did not disappoint! Laughter? There was a lot! It really did the trick.


Day 4 – 3 Things


Today, Big is 10! 10!! A whole decade since I gave birth to him in a pool in my kitchen, just before 6am. I swore I’d never do it again, but clearly ignored myself as Small arrived exactly four and a half years later… And then, when I was putting things away in his room this morning, I found these, his first ‘proper’ shoes. Size 3.5. He’s in a big size 5 now. Ugh. I sat and held them for a bit and wondered where my baby went. I might have had a bit of a cry. It’s funny how innocent objects can evoke such strong emotion. This is Big as a baby, in his most recent school photo and his teeny tiny shoes – 3 things that make my heart melt!


Day 5 – Colourful



I picked up this colourful wall plaque today in a homeware store.  I’m a sucker for motivational/inspirational homewares, and I thought this plaque would look nice on the wall in my kitchen, as well as being a good reminder for us all to try to live a lovely life! I’m really going to try to make sure that we all as a family do as many of these things as we can!


Day 6 – Love



We went hunting for painted rocks hidden in the wood this morning (have you tried it yet?) We managed to find a couple, which was fun. I snapped this moment between Big and Small as they took a breather on a little bench. See? They do love each other really!


Day 7 – Reflection



I was planning on taking a photo of one of the children looking all pensive for today’s theme of ‘reflection‘. But then I caught this snap of Small admiring her new Halloween costume in the mirror and it seemed too good not to use, if a little obvious! She chose this costume herself when we were shopping this morning, and couldn’t wait to wear it!


I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the Families UK #EveryMomentCounts challenge this week. Why not have a go yourself?


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