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So today was the day. Tink’s first morning at nursery school. I have been feeling more apprehensive this week, especially as she had some tears at her (third) taster session on Tuesday.  She has been so adaptable to new experiences in the past, and she loved her old preschool, so I just assumed she’d love this too. I forget sometimes that not only is she on the spectrum, she’s only three and a half. Still a baby really. And I really should know that not only is a few tears nothing to worry about, it’s actually pretty normal. After all, I see it enough in my job and tell other parents exactly that.

Still, despite Tuesday’s blip, (which was probably down to her not being warned she was going to have to stop the thing she was enjoying to go do something else, as well as there being lots of other parents there), we have been very positive about it all, attempting to explain what’s going on. We’ve shown her the photo book again and again and we always say, “hello nursery!” in ridiculously excited voices when driving past.

This morning arrived and I couldn’t wait to put her nursery jumper on to take a photo several awful photos where she wouldn’t look at the camera or was wonky-eyed or pulling a face or at her clothes. Here are some special examples…



(Tink really doesn’t pose well for photos. She seems to feel really uncomfortable, so I usually go for more natural, action shots.) I wanted one by the front door, where H had his ‘first day at nursery’ photo in the same outfit. Hmmmm.. 


Anyway, I finally managed to get this, of them both together :


The best of a bad bunch!

And then it was time to go. We took H to school first, at the juniors, which is right next door.


Then we had to wait about 20 minutes until it was time for her to go in. As soon as we walked through the gate she was bouncing. The head teacher saw her and said hello – most of the teachers already know her name, which could be a good thing or a bad thing!

She pointed at the playground and told me “playground”, remembering it from the photo book. I managed to get one last sneaky snap…


Then she remembered how to get to the door… And she was off! Before I could catch her, she had gone up the ramp and inside, clearly excited. Straight away she started exploring, opening doors and trying to look under lids – typical inquisitive Tink. A quick kiss goodbye and that was it. I was leaving my no-longer-a-baby behind to begin her new adventure.


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