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I am putting together a list of things I feel it is important for Tink’s new nursery to know about her when she starts in a few weeks. I feel like one of ‘those’ parents: the ones who feel that their child is more important than any other in the nursery and I’m making a fuss when I probably shouldn’t, but I know, as a child care professional, how I would feel if I was gaining a child with additional needs and I knew absolutely nothing about them. So, I hope they find it helpful. I’ve put it here – do you think there’s anything obvious I might have missed off? I’ve tried to keep it as brief as I can – I could ramble on forever about what she can and can’t do!

Some Things To Know About Me….

  • My name is Tink and I’m three. I was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder in June 2015.
  • My verbal communication is limited, but improving. My vocabulary is increasing and I often label objects and can ask for some things such as drink (“dink”). I don’t really talk in sentences and a lot of what I say is unintelligible or echolalia.  I may take your hand and lead you to what I want.  I will understand most things you say to me, but I can become stressed when asked to do things.
  • I wear nappies. I had a go at toilet training in the summer holidays, but I don’t really know or understand what is happening.  I do know when I need a poo, and I will often try to stop it coming – I will go rigid, hold my arms in to my sides and I may get upset.  (If this happens, it can really help to sit me between your legs with my legs over yours, knees high and bottom hanging down!)
  • I don’t like to walk (I walk on my toes a lot), but I prefer to run and jump, which means I can bump into things and fall over a lot.
  • When I am feeling stressed, anxious or excited, I may stim – usually I will twiddle or tap my fingers or flap or twist my hands. I may also lick my hands and suck my fingers too.
  • I love to find teeny, tiny objects that are on the floor and I will most likely put them in my mouth to see if it’s food (so be careful!).
  • I love messy activities such as sand, water and painting. I like playdough too – a bit too much – I will probably try to eat it.
  • I enjoy stacking things, so block play is good. I also like to throw things, especially toys, to see what will happen…
  • I may not always make eye contact – I can find this uncomfortable. I will show you I’m listening if you say my name by saying, “huh?”
  • I am usually a very happy girl who adapts well to new situations. If I am grumpy or upset, it’s probably because I’m tired or under the weather. I may tell you “I sad” and ask for my ‘dee-dee’ (dummy).   Bubbles can sometimes help to calm me down.
  • I have sensitive hearing to certain types of noise, such as vacuum cleaners, hair and hand dryers and noisy outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers. However, I don’t mind loud noise and noisy children!
  • I don’t like any fruit except for raisins and I will only drink water. I am getting better at drinking from an open cup without spilling it.
  • I love to sing! My favourite songs at the moment are ‘Five Little Ducks’, ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’.

I hope this helps you to get to know a bit more about me and I am looking forward to getting to know you and my new nursery!

Tink  x

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This is a great idea! Bumbi started daycare as an infant and her diagnosis and therapies have come along with her. We are lucky to be at a place that is mostly accommodating for her sensory issues. She is also high risk for autism but no official diagnosis on that because she isn’t two yet. I think this is a great way to help her caretakers understand her better. Even though Bumbi has been at the same school for over a year I might write something like this too.