Giving the Gift of Presence

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I read a great post this week from Old House in the Shires. In it, she talks about how we absolutely must encourage our children to step away from the tech and take some time out. But, in order to do this, we really need to be setting the example.



I admit it’s rare to find me away from my laptop, and, if I am, I’ve probably got my phone in my hand. Now, being online and on tech is a pretty huge part of my job, and I have to fit in all the time I can around the other things I have to do – you know, the boring stuff like shopping and housework.


But, looking around our living room right now, as I sit typing, The Hubby is on his phone, Big is playing a game on the computer and Small is watching YouTube videos on the iPad. Occasionally we’ll look up from our screens and talk to each other, but really, we’re all in our own worlds.



So, this Christmas, I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from work (it’s pretty quiet at the moment anyway), and from social media. I want to make sure that I’m giving my family my presence, as well as presents. I’m hoping that by setting a good example, they might just want to put down the tech and join me. Perhaps we’ll play some board games, go out for wintery walks and just be, together.


How about it? Will you join me?


Did you read last week’s post? Why you’re not a mum failure this Christmas!




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Kate Holmes

Yes we are doing this over Christmas and reflecting and questioning how things will be going forward in the New Year so there is more balance and presence #The MMLinky

Liberty Henwick

Great idea, I will definitely be doing this over Christmas, the time is so short and so precious together with family (but I know it’s going to be difficult to stick to it!) #TheMMLinky


It is true that in our techie world, we often do not give the gift of presence. It is sorely needed. #MMBC


So true and I will be joining you. We all spend far too much time on the internet in one way or another, even when the computers are not on, it’s the phones. I think Christmas is a great time for a break. Although I’m sure we’ll track Santa for a while with NORAD, other than that it’ll be total screen ban for everybody.


Oh thank you for the mention! Iā€™m with you all the way! #MMBC

Carol Cameleon

I am absolutely joining you! I’m downing tools as soon as my December 22nd post is live and promo’d! Enjoy your break šŸ™‚

Steph Curtis

Oh totally. We had a snow day yesterday and that meant I had a big break from online, but it’s v difficult to go cold turkey! Think I need to plan a ban in šŸ™‚ #TheMMLinky


I’m definitely guilty of spending too much time with technology and need to actually make a concerted effort to step away from it and find a way we can all engage with each other. When we go on holiday we play board games and go on long walks – but at home, we’re all glued to the iPad. #MMBC

Fiona Cambouropoulos

I always take a step back at holidays. It is so important to live in real time with your family. It is also a busy time here with the holiday business so the lap top takes second place. Well done for doing the same and don’t be tempted to cheat – it will be worth it. #MMBC