Hot and Cool facial toning bar from Senssé

Hot and Cool Facial Toning Bar from Senssé – Review

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There are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos on the market that claim to help slow down the aging process. Not to mention all the creams and lotions with all their enzymes and goodness knows what else. To be honest, I’m an Olay girl (remember when it was Oil of Ulay?!) and just blessed with decent genes, as I tend to pass for younger than my 40 years! But, that’s not to say I don’t want some help if I can get it, so I was happy to test out the Hot and Cool Facial Toning Bar from Senssé to see if it might make a difference.


Hot and Cool Facial Toning Bar from Senssé

Hot and Cool Facial Toning Bar from Senssé

The toning bar is presented in a minimalist, luxurious-looking box, containing the toning bar and a USB charger.  one After an initial charge of 6 hours, it’s ready to use and one charge lasts for a lot of uses!


Facial Toning Bar next to white minimalist box with Sensse on the front


The toning bar is simple to use; there’s one button to turn it on and also to adjust the the setting. The settings are ‘hot’, ‘hot with vibration’ or ‘cool’. The indicator light shows that it’s switched on and the unit turns off after two minutes not in use.

Hot Function: increases circulation of blood to relax the facial muscles, opens pores and activates cell re-growth.

Hot with Vibration Function: the sonic vibration helps the absorption of the moisturiser.

Cool Function: soothes sore facial muscles and relieves skin fatigue; reduces redness and closes pores.

The instruction booklet included suggests that the routine above is followed for no longer than two minutes, between three and five times a week to see results.


Toning bar next to bathroom items including face cloths, make up brush, small mirror


To use the toning bar, put a small amount of your usual moisturiser on the plate (I actually preferred to dot it around my face) and switch the unit on to the first setting. Then, gently move the plate around your face, massaging in the moisturiser. After a while (which is left for you to decide how long), change to the second setting and keep massaging. Then again change to the final, cool setting and massage again.

What did I think of the Hot and Cool Toning Bar?

It was… interesting! If you’ve read my review of the Anti-Ageing Facial Cleansing Brush from the same company, you’ll know that I loved it, and I use it several times a week. I think I need more practice with the toning bar as, unlike the exfoliating brush, it’s not as easy to use.

I liked the feeling of the warmth on my skin, and it really helped the absorption of the moisturiser, which leaves your face feeling soft after. I found the cool setting not so pleasant, but it does give the skin a taut feeling.

The instructions recommend that you use it for no longer than two minutes, but, unlike the exfoliating brush, there is no automatic timer on the toning bar to indicate when you should stop. I think it would have been useful to have an audible sound when it’s time to switch from one setting to the next.


Toning bar close up with face cloths and small mirror


The Senssé Hot and Cool Toning Bar can be found here at Amazon (affiliate link) currently on sale at £49.99 (correct as of  4th September 2017 – usual price £100).

Disclosure: I was sent a Senssé Hot and Cool Facial Toning Bar for the purposes of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive payment for purchases made through the link.


Hot and cool facial toning bar from Senssé - sonic vibration facial massager

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