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This month’s #BostikBloggers box arrived and, when I opened it, I honestly had no idea what to make! It took a hunt through my emails to find the theme list, where I discovered the theme this month is ‘Dragons, Fairies and Unicorns’! Ahhh, now I was inspired!  I made a fairy craft last month, and I’m not a huge fan of unicorns – it’s all the overkill at the moment! So that left dragons… here’s how to make dragon eggs that are super-sparkly!


how to make dragon eggs - sparkly eggs covered in silver foil and sequins on a pink nest


How to make dragon eggs

These super-cute, super-sparkly dragon eggs were easy to make with just a few materials. You will need:


  • Polystyrene eggs
  • Silver foil
  • PVA glue
  • Sequins
  • Stick-on gems



Take your egg and cover it in the silver foil. It doesn’t need to be smooth, so don’t worry!



Next, paint on the PVA glue with a brush. You could stand your egg in an egg cup for this bit (I couldn’t find mine!) or just do a side at a time until it’s dry, then turn it and do some more. Add sequins to the gluey foil.



The glue will dry clear, so it’s ok if it covers the sequins! When the egg is dry, add some extra bling with sticky gems – I had some strips to use, so I popped a couple on.



If you want to make a real dragon’s nest, you could use some wool, or coloured straw stuff like I have here (what on earth is its proper name?!) And there you have them! Beautiful, sparkly dragon eggs!


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