The Hump Day House Blitz #3 – ‘The Chair’

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Welcome back for your weekly dose of Hump Day House Blitzing! Have you managed to do the first two challenges? Week 1 focused on blitzing the bathroom and last week we tackled the ‘dumping ground’ that we all seem to have somewhere in our house.


This week we’re going to blitz another area that I know most homes have: ‘The Chair’.


You know the one I mean. It’s usually found in the bedroom – or it would be if it wasn’t buried under a mountain of clothes!


I have a chair. It’s only really in my bedroom as I didn’t have anywhere else for, it, but I didn’t want to get rid of it (yes, I’m a bit lot of a hoarder). Currently, I can’t actually see it. When I say a ‘mountain’ of clothes, I am seriously thinking of getting the Ordnance Survey people out to measure it and put it on the maps. As well as clothes, I think there are some duvets, some bedding sets, a couple of boxes, some bags and God only knows what else. I’ll find out tomorrow when I blitz it!


Here’s my chair. No, really.It’s under there, somewhere! The shame…


Blitzing The Chair isn’t a tough job, although I have made a checklist for you to use if you want. It’s really just common sense and putting stuff away, in the wash, in the charity bag or in the bin. But, the real challenge with The Chair is keeping it clear afterwards! I plan to do this by moving it to another room and actually using it for sitting in. But, if you really must keep The Chair in your bedroom, you also must resist the temptation to dump stuff back on it again!


If you do join in the challenge, I’d love to see your before and after pictures of The Chair on Instagram. Use the hashtag #HumpDayHouseBlitz so I can find them. I’ll post mine on there too (and will cringe as I do so!).


So, print out your checklist and get blitzing!



Good luck with this week’s blitz! Don’t forget to show me your pics…

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