The Hump Day House Blitz #5 – The Fridge Blitz

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How is your blitzing going? We’re on week 5 now, and I can certainly see – and feel – the difference at home! Not only are the areas I’ve blitzed so far cleaner and tidier, but my mind feels clearer and I feel happier to be in my home (which is good, given that I live and work here!).

This week we’re going to focus on the fridge.



I’m going to make a confession. I don’t clean my fridge as often as I should. I do get rid of the obviously gross stuff, but I don’t delve right to the back all that often, and I don’t give it the love it really needs. So, this week, we’ll give it a thorough clean, and then attempt to keep on top of it using the tips at the end of my handy checklist. (If you click on it you can print it out).


Here is my ‘before’ fridge. Bit untidy!


The checklist is based on my teeny fridge, which has no freezer compartment. We actually have a second, smaller fridge as we just can’t fit everything in the main one, but it came with the (second-hand) kitchen, so there wasn’t much we could do, being skint and all. Obviously, if you have a larger fridge, with a freezer box, give that some love too!



I’d love you to join in with this week’s challenge – or any of the previous weeks if you haven’t done them yet. Please come over to Instagram and share your before and after pictures – use the hashtag #HumpDayHouseBlitz so I can find them!

Good luck – and if you find anything really disgusting interesting, let me know!

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Hi Kel, you’re post has reminded me that I really must sort out our fridges and turn one off for the winter. We have three, one of them just for fruit and veg as they don’t last in summer if they aren’t in the fridge. I hate cleaning them but do feel so much better for doing it. Yesterday I did start to clean a cupboard then got distracted… Probably by paint drying!… I will finish that job today!

Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.