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Tink’s had one of those weeks where she seems to make a leap in her development. Much of the time it can feel as though we’re plodding along, day-to-day and there’s nothing much to report. Then, all of a sudden she’ll do several new things all at once. This week feels like that.

She’s had a great week at school, despite her one-to-one assistant (Miss T) being ill for the last three days of it. It hasn’t seemed to have affected her, which is testament to the Nursery staff; Tink clearly feels very comfortable with staff other than Miss T. She spends some time with another teaching assistant, Miss H, each afternoon anyway, so I think she’s just been with her more this week. Miss H told me that she had spent around ten minutes doing some colouring with Tink and her friend Z. This is pretty much unheard of! Tink? Sit doing something other than playing on her tablet for longer than two minutes?!

Another new thing this week at school is school dinners! This has happened by accident really. Last week, her friend, Z gave her a piece of his chocolate cake from his lunch (I don’t put chocolate, biscuits or cake in her lunch box as she eats enough of it at home!). The head teacher spotted it and offered to get Tink a cake from the kitchen, which she ate happily. When I heard about this, I mentioned that I’ll probably have to start putting a little treat in her lunch box now so she doesn’t keep expecting Z to share his! The head came to find me and said not to – that they would give her a pudding from the kitchen to try instead. Somehow, this then evolved into trying dinner too! So, I’ve highlighted everything on the menu that I think she’ll try, and they’re going to put some on a dinner tray along with her own food from home. So far she’s had curry and rice with some naan bread, some pasta with ham, some crispy chicken with the crispy taken off (!) and pizza! It’s fantastic that she’s giving these strange foods a try – it’s right out of her comfort zone. Although she eats most of these things at home, she’s pretty particular, and to try it in the busy, already-overwhelming dining hall is amazing!

it's a tink thing eating pizza

Eating pizza for the first time in a long time!

At home, she’s been asking for a bath every night since Boxing Day thanks to the bath lights she had for Christmas! This has been giving us plenty of opportunities to encourage her to undress herself, as the bathroom is the one place she seems to want to do it. She’s getting much better at it now, although she sometimes gets stuck in her t-shirt! She’s been putting her own coat on and is trying her boots more too, although they can be a bit tricky.  She’s been enjoying dressing up and trying out a bit of role play, pretending to be the ‘doctor nurse’ with her stethoscope and uniform and likes to check to see if I have a ‘hurty knee’!

it's a tink thing doctor role play outfit

‘Doctor Nurse’ Tink!

We’ve also noticed that since the daily bath routine has started, her sleeping has improved! She’s going to bed at a more regular time, without fuss (as long as we can keep her from napping in the afternoon!) and she’s staying in her own bed most nights, and until a more reasonable time too – usually between 5.30 and 6.00am, which we’ll take!

Out like a light!

Something else I’ve noticed this last couple of weeks is that she seems to be becoming even more rigid in her routine. She seems anxious to know what’s happening and when and she’s becoming pretty demanding about things and won’t take no for an answer! It’s costing me a fortune, as she wants to go to the supermarket every day after nursery, and we seem to have fallen into the habit of going to the cafe for a cuppa (me) and biscuits (her). However, I’m trying to use this time educationally, and we’re talking a lot more about what we can see, I’m asking her to remember a couple of things on the shopping list, asking her to find things on the shelves and so on. I’ve also tested her out walking with me rather than sitting in the trolley. It was a bit of a gamble; she’s a runner. She loves nothing more than a large, relatively empty space to run in, and she loves supermarket aisles where she can run up and down and hide from me. However, this week I decided as she’s really too old and too tall to sit in the trolley seat, that I’d see if she’d walk pushing the trolley with me – and she was mostly great! She only absconded down the toy aisle, and who can blame her?!

its a tink thing shopping trolley in supermarket

Helping Mummy with the shopping

And, aside from all this, her speech and language continues to improve, although she still uses a lot of dialogue from her favourite programme, Bing, and scripts it all the time. She’s using longer sentences, correct tenses, adverbs and adjectives and she’s interacting more and more with others.

Little Miss Independent

So, not a bad week really! Well done Tink!

Mummy Times Two

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Jane - Our Little Escapades

Tink has had an amazing week! I can totally relate to things suddenly happening all at once after there hasn’t been any new things for a while. I’m so glad the school lunch is going so well. We have also had to do the hot dinners option as Ethan didn’t really eat anything you could give him in a packed lunch. The best thing was when he started school and I highlighted the things I thought he would eat and he always picked the opposite. It has really helped open up his food choices too. I have noticed that with… Read more »


Sounds lik Tink is coming along in leaps and bounds. It’s s lovely to read about all her progress. I love how you follow her lead and use her own interests to help her along. #postsfromtheheart

Becci - The UnNatural Mother

I am really enjoying reading your posts and getting my weekly dose of Tink.It’s great to hear you have both had a good week and had some positive steps forward. Z sounds like a great friend #postsfromtheheart

Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

Wow! Seems like she’s doing brilliantly in so many areas. Well done Tink #SSAA

five little doves

Aww it sounds like a good week, and so much progress being made. You sound like such a proud mummy, it’s really lovely to read. #eatsleepblogRT