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If you’ve been keeping an eye on my blog for the last few months, you might have noticed a few changes to the aesthetics. I’m a bit of a butterfly when it comes to headers and logos – I get bored quickly and like to have a change. This isn’t great for my branding though, and I’m trying to rein it in! But, when Logojoy offered me the chance to try out their logo design website, I couldn’t resist one last go!

Logos are a great way to quickly identify a brand, aren’t they? For example, you know instantly what this is…



I wanted a logo that would reflect the branding I have on the blog – feminine and fairly classy, and something that would sit nicely in the corner of an image as a watermark, as well as being used as my logo across social media.


Logojoy is a logo design website that makes it easy to design a professional-looking logo for any kind of brand.


To start the process, you are presented with an array of different logos and are asked to choose five that you like. These will form the basis of your own design.




Using Artificial Intelligence, Logojoy takes you through a few initial steps to design your logo and after inputting your business name and tagline the logo generator comes up with several designs. Once you choose a design, you are given choices of fonts, symbols, and colours, as well as the layout of your logo and what kind of ‘container’ you’d like around the edge, if any.




These designs can then be tweaked until you are happy and have your perfect logo!



Once designed, you are able to preview what your logo might look like on a business card or t-shirt for example, and once you’re totally happy, you can proceed to buy your logo via a choice of three different packages, starting at $20 for the most (and very) basic. The mid-price package ($65) gives you the following:

  • High resolution logo
  • Vector EPS and SVG files
  • Transparent background
  • Black / White versions
  • Lifetime phone support
  • Font names & colours
  • Full copyright ownership
  • Make changes and re-download
  • Print ready
  • Brand Guidelines



I found using Logojoy really easy – at least until I had to actually pick a design! There are so many to choose from, it’s hard to know when to stop with the tweaking!  I like the initial process of choosing five logos I liked the look of, as it immediately eliminates many of the options. However, you can always make changes throughout the process to truly create a logo individual to your business. You can even make changes once you’ve bought and downloaded if you need to.


I like that you are given the details about the fonts used, meaning you can continue that branding across your website and social media. And, with the Premium and Enterprise packages, you are given different colour versions of your logo and different file types, including .png, which is perfect for my watermarks.


Logojoy is an easy-to-use logo design website giving professional results and is worthwhile if you’re not so talented in design or want a quality logo quickly.


Here is my finished logo!




Disclosure: I was compensated for an honest review, however all opinions are my own. 




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