‘Me’ Time?

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I’ve just had about two and a half hours completely child free! (Thank you Grandma and Grandad, for taking them to the park!)  And what did I do with that time on this beautiful, sunny spring morning? Did I sit in the sunshine reading the book that is taking me forever to read as I only read at night and tend to fall asleep within approximately 45 seconds of starting to read? Did I cram in a couple of episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ so that I am almost caught up  with season 6? Did I take a long, leisurely bath, with no fear of interruption from smallpeople either wanting a) a poo or b) to throw various bath toys at me?

No. No  I did not.  I did what any other mother would do and cracked on with housework, once I’d been to the supermarket to do the ‘big shop’ – alone, which was nice.

We’re not very good at ‘me’ time, are we, us mums? I don’t know about you, but I feel so terribly guilty that someone else is looking after the kids when I’m not at work, that it just doesn’t feel right to spend that time doing something selfish, something that’s just for me.

I don’t enjoy doing housework at the best of times (my sh*t tip of a house is testament to that!) – they’re not called ‘chores’ for nothing! – and it’s hard to actually find the time to do a decent job of it, so when an opportunity such as this arises, my first thought is “ooh, a hot cuppa and some zombies!”, quickly followed by “oh, but I’d better do the dusting/vacuuming/washing/ironing/shopping/cleaning/change the beds…” And that’s what we do.

Jobs like that are hard to do with smallpeople around, especially a smallperson who has recently worked out how,as soon as my back is turned, to drag a chair over to the shelf in the kitchen to retrieve hidden dummies, or who has grown enough to reach the taps in the bathroom to fill up her teapot (or uses previously mentioned chair to reach the kitchen tap, which is worse) or who sneaks into the back garden to dig in the mud, covering herself in it in the process. So, when the chance comes along – rarely, but it does – then I feel I have to seize the opportunity by the vacuum handle and get busy.

This morning I felt like I was really against the clock, in some bizarre, boring game show where the winner is the one who completes all the set tasks in the allotted time. Quick! Put the shopping away! Go! Get the uniforms ironed! Run! Get the vacuum round before Tink comes back and you can’t because of her super-sensitive hearing! Now get the beds changed….Oh no! They’re back and you only got one of the two bunks done! FAIL!!!

I’m glad I did get things done. At least I won’t have to do the ironing tonight now, when I’m knackered and just want to go to bed. But I really wish I had been a bit selfish and just sat on my arse for a couple of hours, or even had a nap! It’s about time we mums started thinking of ourselves a bit more. But if we did that, we know the jobs would never get done, so we’d be constantly playing catch-up, don’t we?

Now I’m off to finish that top bunk bed whilst Tink is seemingly occupied on her tablet and before she realises I’m gone…

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