Don’t Be Afraid of What Comes Next

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I saw this image posted by a friend on Facebook, and it jumped out at me.


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Too often I have not taken the chance to do something, not taken the opportunity offered because I’m afraid. Afraid of what could happen, what might go wrong.


Why is it so much easier to think about what could go wrong rather than all the things that could go right?


We find comfort in predictability when really, life could be so much more exciting if we just took the leap.


In the spirit of my word for this year, ‘confidence‘, I’m going to try to take the chances and opportunities when they come my way. Stuff predictable, I want excitement! I’ll be ok!





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What a great image, I might have to poach that! I am way too guilty of worrying myself silly over “what if’s” and should really just enjoy the moment more x

Claire Saul (PainPalsBlog)

I think we are all guilty of this – my daughter is about to make A level choices and she obviously has a couple of careers in mind, but she won’t say what they are because she “couldn’t possibly”!! Didn’t make the linky myself this week but glad to have seen yours. I’ve nominated you for a blogger award! See post here : xxx

Kate Holmes

Thanks for this. Really helped me because right now I worry so much about my children and their futures when really they will make their own lives as we all do as we get older. So much has come my way when I have found courage but all too often I am a scaredy-cat and then am left wondering “”What If?”


I can totally relate to this! Fear has always been my biggest enemy but the older I get, the more I tend to think ‘sod it!’. Here’s to a brave New Year!!

RainbowsR2Beautiful (@rainbowsaretoo)

So interesting – I’ve got kids that are literally afraid of what is going to happen and so are very routine driven a lot of the time. But I’m really not. I plan, but actually I’m mostly excited about what’ll happen. Weird. #themmlinky


Yesss do iiit! It’s so much easier to stay in our comfort zones, I know, but when we push past them and say YES to what we want, it takes you to a whole other level!
You’ve got this lovely! x

Stephs Two Girls

oooh good luck with the excitement coming your way then! I tend to agree, life is what you make it or allow it to be 🙂 #TheMMLinky


This is something that is so appropriate for me right now, I am wanting to try something new but my fear is holding me back. Maybe I should take your advice x