Monday Motivation – Why Multitasking is a Waste of Time

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We always think that being able to multitask is a real achievement. Women even joke about how men are rubbish at it. Funny thing is, perhaps men are on to something. You see, multitasking is actually a bit of a waste of time – literally.



Multitasking isn’t really doing several things at once – it’s just switching between tasks quickly. Our brains won’t let us do more than one thing at a time efficiently, apart from automatic things like breathing and blinking! And, when you are task-switching, your productivity level actually drops, by up to as much as 40%! It’s just not possible to concentrate properly on two or more things at once, so when you switch from one thing to another – say, reading and watching TV at the same time – you actually won’t be paying proper attention to either.


Multitasking is not good for our brains or our creativity. To be truly productive, we need to be mindful, and we can’t practice mindfulness if we are trying to do all the things.



Instead of multitasking, try batching; pick one task and do all that you need to for that one thing, before moving on to the next task. Answer all your emails in one go half way through the day, instead of in dribs and drabs; pay all your bills in one go; if you’re working on a project, minimise distractions and properly focus.


You can do all the things, but not all at the same time!


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Stephs Two Girls

I am so guilty of trying to do everything at the same time… you’d think I’d have learnt my lesson by now!

Debs A

I love batching, it was something I was introduced to many years ago by an old boss and something I always do – I know Aby also talks about using it. Fab tip and really motivational when people see what a difference it makes #TheMMLinky

Carol Cameleon

I’m batching at the moment and it’s working! I absolutely love that quote and it’s so true… thanks for hosting #TheMMLinky

Kate on thin ice (@kateonthinice)

Good points well made but I would add that in a fairer world not so many tasks would fall on women and mums in the first place so everything could be more just and less stressful. #MondayMotivationLinky


SO true! I find it really hard to focus on one thing if something else is going on… the boys playing, tv on, something on Max’s ipad in the background. I’ve found the best way for me to focus on one thing is to put some music on (no lyrics of course) and pop my headphones in while I do it. Otherwise I get side tracked so easily!


I really need to take note of this, I’m always multitasking and never seem to get anything done properly. I vow to start thinking about one thing at a time as much as I can…starting right now…I’m going to close all those tabs I have open and work on one thing at a time 🙂


I completely agree! #mmlinky

Liberty on the Lighter Side - (LoLS)

So true, I’m really bad at starting one thing and before it’s finished, moving on to the next. Then I get distracted and forget about finishing the first task and eventually become overwhelmed by all the unfinished jobs. Much better to get one done at a time! #TheMMLinky