Monday Motivation: Do you know a mood hoover?

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Do you know a mood hoover? No, it’s not the latest vacuum on the market to rival Dyson. A mood hoover is someone who, when you’re around them, or interacting with them, has the ability to suck the happy mood you’re in right on out of you.


Mood hoovers are able to make the happiest of occasions turn sour. They stomp on your joy as if you’re not deserving; if they aren’t feeling chipper, then why should anyone else? Sometimes, it’s more insidious; a mood hoover can bring you down almost without you realising it’s happening until it’s too late.


Mood hoovers are often pessimists. Their glass is never half full, but almost always practically empty. There is no bright side for them to look on. Everything is too much like hard work and why bother?


I bet even just reading this post has made you feel a bit less cheerful, amiright? Being around a mood hoover is a drain on our own emotions and it can be hard work. So, what can we do about it?



We could try cutting the mood hoover out of our life. Obviously, this is easier in some situations than others. For example, if you’re Facebook friends with a mood hoover and their constant moaning and misery is getting you down, you can simply unfriend or block them. You don’t need to read that every day. Even in ‘real life’, we can ‘unfriend’ people, although it’s more uncomfortable. We need to accept that friendships come and go, and our own needs and what we look for in a friend can change over time. If that monthly get-together with the mood hoover is turning into something you dread, stop wasting your time and energy on it and move on.


It becomes trickier when the mood hoover is a work colleague, family or even someone we live with.  If you work with a mood hoover, you can, at least, try to keep a little professional distance between you and interact as little as your roles will allow. If this isn’t possible, then maybe it’s time for a frank chat, if you can face it!


As far as family goes, you really have two options; you can either ignore their mood-sucking behaviours, or challenge them. Try to remain as upbeat as you can, despite their constant moaning. Hopefully, your chirpy attitude might rub off on them, or at least they might realise that their whinging is having no effect on you and stop doing it as much. Or, you can take them to task. Ask them if there’s anything you can do to help cheer them up as it’s causing you and others to feel low when you really have nothing to feel low about. It could be that there is a genuine reason why they behave like this, something they need help with, and maybe you’re the person to do it.


Take a look at your relationships – online and in the real world. Is there anyone there you’d consider a mood hoover? What will you do about it?



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Liberty on the Lighter Side - (LoLS)

I have a mood hoover in my life but we live far apart so it’s easier to manage now. You’re right, we can make choices about how we are affected by negative people although often we don’t even realise who they are. I think it would be a good exercise sitting down and writing a list of all the people who leave one feeling low and work out a strategy for dealing with each case. #TheMMLinky


I do think I have a mood hoover, as a friend! I’ve used the upbeat approach, it seems to be working x


Over the past 12 months I have removed people like this from my life and I can honestly say things are far better. Just wish I’d done it years ago as would have saved so much heartache


This is my husband to a tee and why I struggle in my marriage – bursts my balloon over an over again. #TheMMLinky Like today was cheering up and he said “You don’t have to make a song and dance about feeling better”

Marylin - SoftThistle Life

Oh yeah, I’ve had my fair share of mood hoovering friendships over the years… I’m now in a place where I only surround myself with people who are looking forwards and not back – it’s made a HUGE difference to how I feel about myself as we’re all always cheering each other on! It’s not that we don’t have anxieties and stress, and we do talk about these too, but we lift each other up from it. <3 #TheMMLinky

Debbie Binnersley

Unfortunately I know several of these, including my parents. There are times it gets me down but on the whole I’ve learned to ignore their negativity in favour of my own positive outlook.