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This week’s Monday Motivation is in celebration of the Mum-Bod…

Are you happy with your body? According to a survey carried out for Dove, only 20% of us are happy with the way we look. That’s a hell of a lot of us who are unhappy, isn’t it? The rise of social media and the availability of images of ‘perfect’ women on TV, the internet and in magazines is leading us to feel unhappy with our own appearance and judgemental of others if they don’t match up.

Well, ladies, here’s the thing… We will never match up to those images, because we’re real.

Those images you see? They’re airbrushed, photoshopped and filtered to within an inch of their life. Now, I love a filter and it’s rare you’ll see an unedited photo of me online these (praise be to the Gods of Snapseed!), but I still look like me.

And, do you know what? That’s ok.

I’m not pretty. I’m overweight (at the moment) and I’m covered in stretch marks, cellulite, and varicose veins. I’m about as far-removed from those magazine models and reality TV stars as can be.


Mum and boy in pool wearing swimming costumes


And, for a while, that feeling of inferiority held me back. It stopped me from doing things with my kids and has caused my social anxiety to rocket. Then, I lost a bit of weight and, suddenly, my view changed.

I was still fat, the stretch marks and cellulite still there, but what I came to realise was that my body tells my story, and I should feel proud.

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Yes, I’m overweight, but before my last baby, I was a healthy weight and size and very happy. The five and a half years since Small arrived have had their ups and downs and my body weight seems to correlate directly with these! The main thing is that I’m taking steps to address it.

My stretch marks also show I’m a warrior; I’ve battled with my weight for years thanks to an unhappy period in my younger days. But, as well as that, I’ve grown two entire human beings inside me! And pushed them out. I am awesome! And my varicose veins show not only my age experience, but that I have worked hard in jobs where I’ve spent hours on my feet helping others.

My hair isn’t how I want it (and is decidedly grey underneath the dye), I have pale, white skin. I’m lucky if I get time to slap on some basic makeup in the mornings and I’ve given up on trying to disguise the bags and shadows under my eyes.

But I am real and I am proud.

I’ve had this body for forty years and I’m hoping to have it for at least forty more. That’s a long time to be unhappy with it, so I’ve chosen instead to embrace it. Now, when the kids ask to go swimming, instead of making excuses, I grab my cozzie with gusto!

Us real women need to stick together. To not feel embarrassed about our imperfections, but to celebrate them. To not judge each other on superficial appearances, but to look more closely at each other’s stories.

To celebrate our mum-bods and appreciate them for what they are: awesome.


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Kate Holmes

You are gorgeous and no I am not just saying that. One of the very first things I thought when I checked out your blog. Great linky and I hope it goes from strength to strength

Donna Giles

Great post!
Personally as someone who has had 2 open heart surgeries, 2 C sections, a pacemaker fitted & numerous cardiac caths I have decided that since my body is still going I should be pretty proud of it!

Ojo Henley

I really need to try and embrace this! I don’t like my body at all, I don’t think I ever have. Even with weight loss, I’m going to be left with loose skin! However, I’m getting there, I’ve hated every part of me, in the past, now I accept my looks and embrace my rainbow hair with gusto! x

Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful

I seem to flit between being happy with my bod and then being miserably disappointed in it. Almost always the miserableness is around a period of change or disorganisation in my life and brought on by seeing people on TV. End of the summers holidays and I’ve noticed all of a sudden Games of thrones for example, I’m more like Samwell Tarly than I am the beautiful blonde Targarian woman. Once life perks up again I’ll probably feel a bit better about my bod again. It’s probably a confidence thing. #TheMMLinky


Hi Kel, I’m from Birmingham too! I think you look fab! I took the same attitude when I reached my 40s I decided to resign myself to loving my body as it was. Having a baby at 44 didn’t help much in keeping me looking slim.
I like to write, what I think of, as motivational posts and generally post them on a Monday so this is the perfect linky for me. (Saying that, I’ve not posted today so I’ve linked up an older one.)

daydreams of a mum

It’s so tricky to let go of all those hang ups but we really should try , these bodies of ours have grown actual humans !!! #TheMMLinky

Liberty Henwick

Thanks for starting up this Linky, I’ve never hosted one but they are such great ways to meet new bloggers! I love your cozzie and that you are so willing to share honestly – we all struggle with the same issues don’t we – I always think it’s best when we don’t take ourselves tooo seriously! Now I’m off to make sure I’m obeying all the linky rules 🙂


We are all so guilty of it, it is one of my biggest fears as a parent of a daughter. As she starts secondary school, we are hoping that all the work we’ve done so far on self worth helps us to deal with any of the self-image issues that may come our way


My mum bod feels less than awesome today, but you know what? I have bigger things to stress over than worrying about how my hair looks or if I have time to put on my makeup and if the only thing I had to stress about was what I put in my mouth, life would be good! I think you put it into perspective beautifully….and you totally rock that cozzie by the way x

Steph Curtis

That’s a fab costume… and a fab lady in it 😉 thanks for inspiring us all! x #TheMMlinky