The Monday Motivation Linky #14 – Christmas – Why You’re Not a Mum Failure!

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I’ve seen a lot of mum-guilt this last week. Mums feeling bad that they don’t have their tree up, or that they don’t have, can’t find or totally forgot about the Elf on the Shelf. Mums feeling guilty that they forgot to bake cakes for the school Christmas fayre, or those who grabbed a random bottle (possibly out of date?) to send in for the tombola as they were running out of the door to take the kids to school. Mums who haven’t finished the Christmas shopping, and those who haven’t even started (hi!). Mums worrying that they’ve missed out on booking a grotto visit or feeling sad that their kid’s best friend is off to Lapland when all they will manage is the shopping centre Santa outside Iceland.


Stop it. Just stop. Christmas day is just that – one day. I know there’s a certain amount of preparation to be done (oh, if only Santa was real!!), but it’s just one day. Not one month. Not even one week. Just. One. Day. The kids? All they’re really bothered about is opening some presents on Christmas morning.


Of course, it’s lovely to do the whole Santa visit experience, make mince pies together, decorate the tree, make Christmas cards (although I do have some lovely, simple ideas here!), but please, please don’t feel pressured to try to do it all. As long as your family is fed, clothed, warm, happy and, importantly, loved, that’s all that really matters.


Be kind to yourself. No kid wants their mum to be a jibbering wreck come Christmas day!


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Kate Holmes

Amen to this! Also well done to all the mums who give themselves a break at this time of year and I am excelling at that as it goes this year. Christmas will be simple pleasures and lots of snuggles and giggles and nowt wrong with that #TheMMLinky

Steph Curtis

Love that you and Debs went for similar this week! Asking mums not to feel guilt is probably stretching it a bit 😀 but a bit less guilt for everyone is a good idea!! #TheMMLinky

Jeannette @autismmumma

Yes to this post! So much pressure on us this time of year. Spending time with those you WANT to be with, not have to be with far more important to me than having the latest “whatever”! #TheMMLinky


I love this Kelly – we all set ourself up to fail and then wonder why we are not achieving the impossible!

Kate Holmes

Really pleased you posted this as will help loads of people. I have stepped off the perfection bandwagon partly because having loved family members such as my parents and brother you realise it was people being themselves warts and all that made Christmas so special.