The Monday Motivation Linky #8 – “What if…”

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I first saw this quote a long time ago, and loved it…



I love the sense of hope it inspires in me. Those two little, inconsequential words, ‘what’ and ‘if’ have so much power when joined together.

And then, I have just started reading ‘She Means Business…’ by Carrie Green (affiliate link) and I read this quote:

“What” and “if” are two words as non-threatening as words can be, but put them together side by side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life.’ LETTERS TO JULIET, SCREENPLAY BY JOSÉ RIVERA AND TIM SULLIVAN


All of us are too often guilty of using ‘what if’ to limit ourselves and our possibilities:

“What if I fail?”

“What if it goes wrong?”

“What if I look silly?”

“What if I can’t do it?”


Why is it that we rarely think “what if it’s amazing?” Or:

“What if I love it?”

“What if it’s a success?”

“What if I can?”


I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone recently, and have come off better for it. Trying to acknowledge those negative ‘what ifs’ and turn them around to positives is beginning to reap rewards, and it feels great!


So, this week, if you find yourself thinking ‘what if?’ in a negative way, try to turn it into a positive and take that leap.


You never know, you may just fly.



Now, on to the Monday Motivation Linky. We’re on week 8 and over the last couple of months we’ve had some fantastic posts that have really given me food for thought. But we need more! So, even if you don’t have a suitable post to link up this week, perhaps someone else might? We’d love it if you could help spread the linky joy and retweet, share and generally help anyone you know to find us!



This week it’s Steph’s turn to host over at Steph’s Two Girls, so please go and have a look at her post. You can also add your link here if you want to – just click the button below to see the other posts and add your own! (Of course, if you’re not a blogger, feel free to click the button and lose yourself for half an hour in some wonderfully uplifting writing!)


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This is just what I needed to read today having had a couple of bad days with a shoulder dislocation (part of my chronic illness)…..and feeling bit sorry for myself!! Will def use it to turn things around over half term – thanks for reminding us to spread our wings! #TheMMLinky

Steph Curtis

Love this, and so true when we apply it to our children too #TheMMLinky

Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful

I love this quote. You just never know. But it’s not always easy to try. xx #TheMMLinky


One of my favourite quotes and I’m always testing out my wings.