Monday Motivation – It’s ok to ask for help

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It’s been a tricky week in the School Runs household. So tricky that I finally admitted defeat and asked for help. Only, asking for help isn’t really admitting defeat, is it? It’s actually a show of strength to say, “hey, I’m not coping and I could do with a little help here!”





Parents, especially those with children with additional needs, often think that if they aren’t seen to be managing it all, then something awful will happen. What we should really be doing is building our team, our tribe around us, so that, in those times when things are getting a bit tricky, there’s always someone on hand to help.


Some of us need reminding that it’s ok to ask for help if we’re struggling and that it doesn’t make us weak, even though we might feel vulnerable.


Do you have your tribe? Do you know how to ask for help when you need to?



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It’s definitely okay to ask for help, I’m guilty of always thinking that I can sort things out myself, when I can’t. It’s not a sign of failure and whoever is asked, might just having been waiting to be asked!
Now to practice what I’ve just preached! #TheMMLinky

Kate on thin ice (@kateonthinice)

Always a sign of strength to ask for help. The good thing is by writing this post others will ask for help too #MondayMotivation


I don’t have a tribe, I kind of wish I did. Maybe it’s time I changed that x

Claire Saul (PainPalsBlog)

Over the last few years I have had to get used to asking for help for me – but I still don’t like! For me losing my independence is one of the hardest parts of chronic illness. But this week I saw my mum break down during my appointment with a shoulder specialist – I guess once a parent of any child, our work is never done. We would all rather take the burden ourselves than see it on our kids (even when they are in their 40s with their own kids!!). Hang on in there and keep connecting with… Read more »


Knowing when you need to ask for help takes real courage, so well done on getting there. I hope this helps you with whatever you are struggling with. Remember, you know where I am if I can help in any way x

Reneé @ Mummy Tries

I used to be terrible at asking for help, and this was probably a factor in my two mental breakdowns in my 20’s. Trouble is these days life is so much harder – with three kids, autism and forced home ed to contend with – and there are very few people to ask for help who can help. It’s a real tricky one…