The No School Runs Home Ed Diaries #4

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We’re back into home ed now that the Easter break is over. H was adamant he was ‘on holiday’ because Tink wasn’t at school, so that’s how it’s going to be, by the looks of it! What he doesn’t yet realise is that he’s still learning all the time! A few of the home ed activities locally carry on throughout the school holidays, but H wasn’t interested, because… holiday. So, I took Tink to Earth School instead!



She really enjoyed it! She attempted to climb trees (with limited success) and joined in with a game of dodgeball, which was lovely; seeing her interact with other children, strangers even, makes my heart sing! She then happily joined in a game of hide and seek, going off with the other kids (and a couple of adults) to hide while we mums were the seekers.


Before the break, H and I went to our first National Trust property with our new membership. Croome, in Worcestershire is a huge estate which was used as an RAF base during World War 2. We wandered around the museum for a while and learnt lots about the history of the airfield and its importance in the development of radar. After a bite to eat, we went for a walk around the estate, which was lovely, and we’ll definitely go back again with a picnic on a sunny day!



H actually had quite a busy ‘break’. One of the most exciting things he did was have a driving lesson! You can read – and see – more about it in this post. He loved it, and hasn’t stopped going on about what car he wants when he can drive (in less than 7 years, you know?!).



We also went with friends to The Staffordshire Regiment museum, which I’d never heard of, but is only about 20 minutes’ drive away! It’s a fantastic place, jam-packed with army memorabilia and will be a fantastic resource for learning more about World War 2. H and his friend got to sit in an armoured vehicle, learnt about the workings of a gun and dressed up in uniforms and explored the trenches! We’ll definitely go back for another visit soon, where we can take our time to really learn more.



We then went away to Devon for a few days in a caravan. Both kids love being by the sea, and we’ve been to this caravan park a few times now as we love the location and the facilities. The weather wasn’t brilliant for the first couple of days, but we managed a fab couple of hours on the beach one afternoon, where H and Tink loved being in the shallows of the sea and digging holes in the sand.



But, now it’s back home and back to school for Tink, back to home ed for H. The Hubby was off work this week too, so we haven’t done loads of home-based ed, as H went out on the trains for a couple of days with his dad. Here’s what we have been up to…



For our continued World War 2 learning, we read more about evacuees. We learnt about how, why, where and when they were evacuated, and we chatted about how the children must have felt. H got quite emotional. He then wrote a letter, imagining that he was an evacuee.


We’ve been looking at a new topic in maths: ratio and proportion. I’m not sure yet whether it’s a little too advanced for H (it’s a year 6 topic), but we’ll persevere a little longer and see how it goes.



The weather was dramatically improved this week, so we dragged our bikes out of hiding and took a little ride along the canal at the end of our road. After we passed the not-so-nice part nearest us, where the Canal and River Trust were actually draining and attempting to clean (yuk!), we had a pleasant ride with lovely scenery for a couple of miles before turning back. We were pretty knackered!



We discussed canals; that they were man-made and what they were used for, and we wondered how old ‘our’ canal is and how far it went, so we looked it up when we got home. I’ve also booked us on a canal workshop soon so we can learn more!


Whilst riding the canal, H became more and more frustrated and upset at the amount of litter he could see, both in and along the path of the canal. He decided he wants to do a project about litter, and maybe even start a campaign (“we can put it on Facebook!”), so we started learning more. Watch this space…!



During his trip out with Daddy (where they went as far north as York and as far south as Penzance!), I asked H to look for and photograph some 3D shapes in the environment. Here are a few of his finds…


Latest stats


Places visited: Lots!

Subjects covered: World War 2 , History, Geography, Maths, English, Photography, The Natural World, The Environment

Exercise: Swimming, walking, cycling

Number of times a stranger said “No school today?”: 1 (but it was the Easter hols most of the time!)


Catch up with our adventures so far here!

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The Queen of Collage

Your child sounds very caring and passionate about the world we live in. It sounds like they are learning lots and I’m sure you learn lots too as the teacher.