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I can’t believe the summer holidays are almost at an end! We’ll have had seven weeks off by this time next week.  We had such great plans; we sat at Sunday dinner on the first weekend and made a long list of places we wanted to visit (London, Cornwall, Safari Park) and things we wanted to do (cooking, cinema, Owl spotting). And…. we did none of it. Well, probably about two, maybe three things.  Pathetic!

A lot of our apathy was weather-related. We’ve had an awful ‘summer’ here – lots of rain and grey days and it’s been quite cold! When the sun shines, I feel so motivated, but when it’s dull? Blah.  We did far too much sitting indoors on tablets really.  I can’t say it didn’t benefit Tink though: she now knows the ‘ABC’ song, as well as several others (Jingle Bells?!) and has found a new obsession in Octonauts.

I feel as though we have wasted such a potentially great opportunity. I am really lucky that I get to spend the school holidays with my monkeys and I know lots of people who don’t get that chance, so I am mindful that we should make the most of it. However, sometimes, it’s just not possible to be here, there and everywhere each day. Money is a big factor – even ‘free’ days out are rarely that, when you factor in picnics to take, ice creams to buy and so on.  And although we are fortunate enough to live close to so many attractions and places to visit, they end up costing a fortune, even with discount vouchers (I never go anywhere without checking for vouchers first!).  Then there’s the fact that everywhere is so busy.  I’m not good in crowded places and get panicky, so having to visit places like the Sea Life Centre in school holidays sets me on edge. But if we don’t, H (and soon Tink) would never get to go.

I think that sometimes, it’s good to do nothing. H keeps telling me he’s bored, but that’s a good thing too – it forces him to make his own entertainment.  This would be ‘all day on the xbox’ if he had his way, but I manage to get him off it every now and again!  I think we’ll have to try to do a few things in the October half term (yeah, right, when it’s only a week long, the weather is likely to be crapper than it is now and I still have work to do even though I’m not at work? Dream on…!)

So, it’s back to the old routine for H and me next Monday, and Tink starts a whole new adventure on Tuesday, but that’s a post for another day!

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