Is Pinterest perfection ruining our lives?

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I know, the title sounds a bit dramatic, but I had to draw you in somehow! However, I do wonder if our obsession with ‘Pinterest perfection’ and wanting to look like we live in an ‘Insta-worthy’ world is getting in the way of living and enjoying motherhood? Don’t get me wrong – I love a beautiful photo of family life as much as the next mum, but our obsession with making everything just so before pressing the button is hindering us from just living in the moment.



I recently planned to go live on Facebook with the kids to carve our pumpkins for Halloween. I had it all worked out; I found a programme so I could share a reminder so people would come and watch, I bought fancy tools, I tidied the kitchen so people wouldn’t think we were skanks. I didn’t even sleep well the night before, worrying if it would go ok or be a huge flop.


And, on the day, I got us all ready to go, set up the laptop and realised that the camera on it is pants and the picture wasn’t going to be very clear. Arse. I couldn’t do it on my phone as I’d already set up the programme. And that was when I knew it wasn’t going to go as planned. But, I ploughed on…



We went live, we began carving, we felt self-conscious. The first design went wrong, so was quickly abandoned and I began another. It was going well until part of it broke, ruining that one too. Now we had two part-done pumpkins and nothing to show the people. Big managed to salvage one with his own, freehand design (bless him!), but all I could think about was how I now had nothing to show, no fancy pumpkins to photograph for Instagram, now how-to video for Pinterest and how I’d made us look silly.


My 3rd attempt – more what I was aiming for!


What I failed to realise at the time, was that the kids were having a great time! Big was loving the whole ‘being live on Facebook’ thing, reading out the comments, generally showing off, and Small was just enjoying life, because that’s what she does. Despite the disasters, people watched. 571 of them to date. Plenty left comments and questions. A few even shared it! As my mum pointed out, it was real.



That cake pin you just saved? Probably made by a semi-professional cake decorator who has practised it several times, refining their technique over months, if not years, and taking the photos from the best possible angles in the best possible light. No wonder your attempt looks nothing like the picture, after you quickly knocked it up in a panic the night before you needed it!


Beth’s ‘fail’ – looks pretty good to me!

Picture courtesy of Twinderelmo


That beautiful Instagram shot from your favourite mummy blogger (other than me, of course!) of their little one playing quietly with hand-crafted wooden toys on the spotlessly clean floor of their stunningly decorated living room? Doesn’t show you the chocolate handprints the little darling just planted on the wall behind them, or the piles of plastic crap shoved out of the frame, along with the toast crumbs and the dirty nappy she just changed, or the fact that two minutes later there was the tantrum to end all tantrums and she hadn’t even managed to get out of her pyjamas before lunch.


Kirsty’s less-than-perfect cake smash was more of a ‘cake poke’!

Picture courtesy of Life With Boys


We are putting too much pressure on ourselves as we watch more YouTube vloggers with their perfect makeup, or as we pin craft activities we know will never resemble the pictures, because kids are kids. We all want to live an Insta-life, but it’s not real life and we should stop looking at everyone else’s fake, contrived lives as seen through their Instagram feed, and concentrate on making our own as enjoyable as we can – not perfect.


Helen’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ Halloween shots!

Picture courtesy of My Crazy Family Story


Are we letting our desire to be 'Pinterest perfect' get in the way of us actually just... living?! Read my blog to see what I think!


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Mackenzie Glanville

I think it is OK as long as we remember to not get obsessed over the perfect shot and spend the majority of the day not taking photos that need to look perfect! I like to post pretty pics bisque I also like to look at pretty pics, my photos are real life, I don’t spend hours setting them up (my kids, nor I would have the patience), the truth is real life isn’t always messy, but when it is I just don’t take pics unless they are funny and then I tend to share them via text to all… Read more »

Hayley @ Mission: Mindfulness

Love the before and after shots! Well done for doing the Facebook Live despite things not going entirely to plan. It sounds great. And definitely the most important thing is seeing the kids having fun! #thesatsesh

Sadie | Be Your Own Example
Sadie | Be Your Own Example

The whole Insta thing leaves me a bit cold. Yes, the images are gorgeous and enviable…but I’d much rather see something a bit more real. I love this post.


Hi Kel, you’re right people focus on perfection rather than the reality, which is a shame really as we all know the reality of family/everyday life. Personally, I prefer the reality photo than the Insta one at the start of your post. And Beth’s pig looks far cuter than the original too…. I also bet that applied to your FB live pumpkin carve too.

Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC