Want to feel more positive? Hang out with positive people!

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I’ve mentioned before a book I’m reading (well, dipping into when I get a few minutes!) called ‘The Rules of Life’, by Richard Templar. It’s a genius idea for a book; tell people stuff they already know, but didn’t realise they knew, or how life-changing it can be! It’s full of ‘rules’ (oddly enough!) and Templar suggests that changing your mindset and following these rules can lead to a good life.


So, today, I’ve chosen one of the rules to share with you.



It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? I mean, who wants to spend time with miserable sods? What Templar is getting at is that if we surround ourselves with like-minded people, who want the same things we do (be it success, money, happiness, good health, Tom Hardy… ok, maybe not him!), then we’re more likely to succeed in achieving our desires, and we’ll be a more positive person because of it (and then people will want to hang out with us, and so, the cycle perpetuates!).


If you hang around with moaners and miseries, they’ll bring you down and you’ll end up as inactive in life as they are. But, if you surround yourself and interact with positive people, those who are enthusiastic, driven, motivated, and energetic, you’re more likely to want to be like them, to achieve like them. If someone makes you feel happy, uplifted, motivated, supported and makes you feel good to be you, then hold on to them!


I am in a couple of blogger groups on Facebook, both filled with people like this, and they make me feel great. I have always been a natural pessimist; the glass isn’t half full – in fact, it’s pretty much empty! But, these groups of people are so supportive, encouraging and ambitious, that I can’t help feeling that positivity is rubbing off on me too, and I like it.


Letting go of dead wood can be hard, but if someone is constantly bringing you down, perhaps it’s time to cut them loose so that you aren’t dragged down with them?



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Yes to being around people having a more osoticie energy. It us amazing how influential people are not knowing you have a choice is also good X #themmlinky


I don’t like having people around that bring me down, it’s not always doom and gloom things though, I get annoyed at people that don’t know how to treat their kids right, or have their priorities all wrong. Sadly, they are usually part of a couple and my saddest moment was letting go of a good friend just because their partner made me feel so upset and angry every time I saw her. That’s brilliant advice though, definitely surround yourself with people that make you feel good, not bad.

Liberty on the Lighter Side - (LoLS)

So true that the people we are surrounded by influence the way we think and then behave. The support in groups like you’ve mentioned have been such a help to me too. Last night I was trying to explain to my 8yr old about choosing positivity as little things get her down, I think she takes after me and I need to listen to my own lecture! #TheMMLinky