Eating Out La Famiglia Way With Prezzo!

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We’re a little unconventional as a family at mealtimes. Once upon a time, we would all sit together and eat the same meal, in much the same was I always did with my family as a kid. It’s a lovely chance to talk together over food and I believe it teaches the children good table manners and social skills. Then we found out about Small’s autism and it possibly explained why she had become a picky eater. It also meant that mealtimes became more and more fraught with tension. So, now, we do what works for us; Small usually has her tablet at the table while she eats, Big usually sits in the living room at the computer and we quite often have a completely different meal to the kids. Sigh.

So, eating out as a family is something of an occasion for us now (not to mention a challenge with Small)! When we were offered the chance to try out a family meal at Prezzo, I jumped at the chance! I like to push us out of our comfort zone from time to time, but with pasta on the menu, I knew it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

There are over 280 Prezzo restaurants all over the UK, in some wonderful locations. The menu is wide and varied, but we wanted to try the ‘La Famiglia’ sharing dish. There was a choice of four different pasta dishes: Penne Arrabiata, Spaghetti Bolognese, Spaghetti Carbonara, and Penne Alla Rusticana. They all sounded delicious, but we plumped for our family favourite – good old spag bol! It was quite a relief to not have too much choice, as it usually takes me ages to decide what to have, and often end up just going for the same thing as last time!

The dish arrived quickly and it was pretty big! We’re greedy in our house, and always ‘over-pasta’, so I wasn’t sure there would be enough, but there was plenty. After serving a portion for Small, I let Big have a go at serving himself.

Prezzo La Famiglia sharing dish of spaghetti bolognese

Big makes a mess!

There’s something quite theatrical about all sharing from a dish in the centre of the table. It certainly makes a talking point and is a lot of fun! Of course, I played ‘mum’ (not too much of a stretch) and made sure everyone had a decent portion before serving myself – I’m definitely a ‘fair sharer’! However, there really was plenty for the four of us, although we did have some garlic bread too.

Look at those faces!

We had a really fun time, which isn’t often the case when eating out! Small, who can be very choosy about the kind of pasta she eats, suddenly discovered how much fun it is to slurp spaghetti!


We managed to find some room for some pudding too, much to Big’s delight!

“Ermagherd! This chocolate fudge cake is so chocolate-fudgey!”

The La Famiglia sharing dishes at Prezzo are a great idea, especially if you want a more relaxed, fun dining experience with the children. Our dishes were clean and our tummies full by the end! Check out some of the spaghetti slurping going on in the video below!

This post is an entry for the BritMums #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge, sponsored by Prezzo. We received a complimentary meal in order to take part in the challenge, however, all views and opinions are our own.

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Kate Holmes

Great to see children enjoying their food – commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part