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Review – HeyWow ‘In the City’ Personalised Children’s Book

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I love children’s books. We have bazillions of them here at home; I bought Big so many right from when he was a small baby and kept them all in case we had more children. We did. Small, however, is not as interested in books as Big. In fact, at the moment, the only book she will let us read to her is a Peppa Pig book. Every night. The same story. Even she knows it word-for-word now. I still have all the other books, just in case she suddenly changes her mind.

So when I was given the opportunity to receive a personalised book actually featuring Small, I jumped at the chance; surely this would be something to pique her interest?

What is it?

HeyWow are a mum-and-dad team who wanted to create beautifully designed books for children with a difference – the children themselves would feature in the books! After lots of hard work coming up with a concept and design, they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground. The first book in the planned series is entitled ‘In the City’ and features your child in amongst lots of other children, kind of like a ‘Where’s Wally?’ with real children.

HeyWow Children's photo personalised book

What’s inside?

Wait! Before we get to the inside, we need to mention the front cover! The book’s full title is ‘Small In The City’ – or whatever your child’s name is, obviously! Having a book with your own name on is very cool – I’d have loved this when I was little! And to have a photo of yourself on it too? Wow!

HeyWow children's photo book front cover

The first page features a personalised dedication, which is a really nice touch.

personalised dedication message HeyWow children's photo book

The following pages each feature the child in a different situation or place, along with several other children. The idea is for your child to find their own face. There is also a question on each page to encourage other skills, such as counting.

HeyWow Children's photo book traffic jam page

There are twelve double-page illustrations in total, featuring a range of situations; an art gallery, cafe and hotel to name a few! The illustrations are cute, bright and interesting, with a rather minimalist design, yet there is a lot to look at in each picture! There’s also a Panda-boy and some pigeons to spot on each page.

HeyWow children's photo book playground page slide

What did we like about it?

Small loved trying to find herself in each picture! She looked for a few seconds, saying, “I can’t see it….”, then would suddenly see her photo and shout excitedly, “there it is! It’s me, Small!” She seemed to like looking at the other children too. Having a question to ask on each page is nice as it means she has to look at more than just the children and it tests her maths too (although the first time we read it, she just wanted to race through and find herself on each page!). The book is a good quality and A4 in size. I loved the personal touches such as the child’s name on the front cover and the dedication.

It was really easy to order too; the website is appealing and reflects the fun design of the book well. The instructions on the website take you through the process, gathering all the necessary information (name, photo, dedication) and you can even preview what it will all look like before you order. There are quite specific instructions to follow for uploading a suitable photo, which is really important so that you get the best possible photo of your child in the book.

I think this is a really lovely idea that will engage younger children over and over as they love to see pictures of themselves. There are plans for further books in the series, including ‘Around the World’ and ‘Under the Sea’, which will be great additions to the collection.

HeyWow’s ‘In the City’ book is available to order here, priced at £20.00 plus postage. However, the lovely people at HeyWow have offered lucky readers of my blog a 10% discount using the code ‘Hey10off‘ when you order! How fab?! Delivery is pretty quick too… (Christmas is coming, hint, hint…!)

Disclosure: We were sent a book by HeyWow for the purpose of this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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