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Review – TOMY Remote Control Rescue Boat Bath Toy

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I hate baths. I know, every mother covets a long soak in a hot bath, child-free, perhaps with a glass of wine and a good book.  Not me. I feel like I’m wasting my time in the bath – there are so many other things I could be doing instead. I’m a shower girl. My kids, however, love a bath.  Especially with toys. Maybe I should try the Remote Control Rescue Boat from TOMY – it might sway me towards baths!

rescue boat bath toy

What’s in the box?

Small was very excited to try out the rescue boat. The box contains the rescue boat itself, the rudder, which needs to be attached once out of the box, and the remote control – a squishy pad which squeaks when you press it. The rescue boat is battery-operated; you’ll need 3 AA batteries and a small screwdriver to access the battery compartment in the boat.

rescue boat bath toy

What does it do?

Help Captain Cat sail his boat to the rescue; the remote is super-easy to use, even for very young children.  Press once to make the rescue boat travel forwards, then again to stop it.  Press it again, and the boat squirts water from its water cannon and pressing again stops this. That’s it!

What did we like?

Small loved the water squirter!  “It’s squirting water!” she said, excitedly! She wasn’t as bothered with making the rescue boat move, and she soon worked out how many times to press the squeaky control to squirt the water.  It kept her occupied for ages! The different actions shut off after 30 seconds of use and the rescue boat shuts off automatically after 5 minutes of non-use to conserve battery life – just press the button on the boat to turn back on. The boat is nice and bright, in primary colours and the remote is a bright red and floats – very handy to find in amongst bubbles!

rescue boat bath toy

Any downsides?

We found the remote could be a little temperamental, taking a few squishes and squeezes to work.  The instructions do state that the remote should be pointed at Captain Cat’s hat, no more than 1 metre away, but this didn’t always work.  Although the rescue boat itself was quiet, the squeak of the remote control was quite loud and harsh, and could startle younger children or those sensitive to noise, like Small!

Final thoughts?

The Remote Control Rescue Boat is a fun bath toy for younger children – I think children over the age of three might lose interest after a while.  It’s really easy for little hands to use – if they can’t squeeze the control it can be patted instead. It’s versatile too – use it in the paddling pool or swimming pool in summer!

Where to find it

All good TOMY stockists, RRP £17 (approx).

Disclosure:  We were sent the TOMY Remote Control Rescue Boat to review, however all opinions are my own.

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